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It is no secret that Portugal is a country that can be very attractive for people and companies living in Europe or outside Europe. The country offers a very attractive tax system both from a tax or HR point of view for companies and from an HNI point of view for a taxation that does not exceed 10% for your next ten years. On this page you will find information on the missions that can be carried out by a tax lawyer but also and above all a form to contact directly a English-speaking tax lawyer’s office in Lisbon, which can act on the whole territory of course and which will be useful to you for questions of personal or company taxation, obtaining VISAS, Golden Visa, inheritance, tax litigation, vehicle registration in Portugal or even legal framework as protection in the framework of real estate purchase in Portugal. The missions of these lawyers are high quality and 100% personalized.

English speaking tax lawyer Lisbon Portugal

Click on the button below to fill in the dedicated form and be put in direct contact with a English speaking tax lawyer based near Lisbon. You will be able to discuss with him or her your problems related to taxation, real estate management for greater security, obtaining a Golden Visa, VISAS, Portuguese nationality or even the creation of a subsidiary for your company in Portugal.

These lawyers are specialised in tax litigation, criminal law and administrative tax offences, company law, international taxation, VAT, private clients, tax law and business law, budget and public accounting, inheritance, sports law, contract law, real estate law and energy law.

English-speaking tax lawyer in Portugal: services offered

Below you will find a non-exhaustive list of the services that can be provided by this English speaking law firm in Lisbon as well as the prices which are only indicative and vary according to each request and each situation. This English speaking law firm in Lisbon is very reputable and in demand, so it is important to make sure that these services and fees are suitable for your project and needs before filling in the form to be contacted by them.

Installation / expatriation package in Portugal

A complete package for your installation in Portugal. After an interview with the lawyers, you will only have to send the documents and they will take care of going to or accompanying you to the different administrations to request the documents, prepare the files and until the reception of the elements such as the NIF, the RNH status or the certificate of European Union citizen:

  • Written consultation
    Application for NIF (Portuguese Tax Number)
  • Obtaining RNH status (Portuguese Non-Habitual Resident)
  • Change of tax residence
  • Application for a European Union Citizen Certificate
  • From 3500€ onwards

Obtaining Golden Visa, VISAS in Portugal and Portuguese nationality

The Golden Visa and other VISAS in Portugal have very important advantages that attract more and more applications every year. These English speaking lawyers in Lisbon can handle a wide variety of these from gathering information to preparing and submitting applications to the relevant authorities to obtaining them:

  • Golden Investor Visa
  • Golden Visa for family reunification
  • Golden Visa Renewal
  • Other Visa for a first application
  • Renewal of other Visa
  • Other Family Reunion Visa
  • Obtaining Portuguese nationality
  • From 3500€

Registering a vehicle in Portugal

This English speaking law firm can also take care of the registration of your vehicle in Portugal. This is the most complicated administrative process in Portugal but also one of the most important since the car buying market here is very expensive compared to the rest of Europe. It may therefore be more interesting to come with your car, but you will have to register it. This includes the registration procedure with the IMTT as well as the application for ISV (Vehicle Tax) exemption with customs.

  • Application for registration
  • Application for exemption from ISV
  • 2000€ per vehicle
  • Not included: technical inspection of vehicles, registration fees and registration tax

Other English speaking lawyer services in Lisbon and Portugal

Below is a non-exhaustive list of other services offered by this English speaking law firm in Lisbon and Portugal. They have their own specialities but also collaborate with other specialised lawyers in order to cover various branches of law and to accompany you on your major projects in a global way.

  • Inheritance (From 1500€)
  • Real estate acquisition (Buildings)
  • IRS declaration (From 2000€)
  • Creation of companies or subsidiaries (From 4000€)
  • Tax litigation
English tax lawyer portugal

The fields of intervention of this law firm

Find below all the areas of intervention of this law firm based near Lisbon and which will be able to accompany you in English on your tax, business or even real estate issues within the framework of large operations.

Tax litigation and tax audit in Portugal

These lawyers represent their clients in tax matters and disputes at all levels of law, including administrative, judicial and arbitral levels. They also assist and guide their clients in determining the best course of action to take in the context of a particular tax audit or administrative proceeding, protecting their rights and interests in the context of the law and taxes:

  • Tax arbitration
  • Social security litigation
  • Tax litigation
  • Special and parafiscal tax litigation
  • Tax litigation
  • Customs litigation
  • Tax inspection
  • Binding decisions
  • Examination of taxable income

Criminal law and administrative tax offences

Their multidisciplinary team has the essential knowledge to provide the necessary assistance in criminal proceedings related to taxes, customs or social security, such as tax fraud and breach of trust.

Corporate law

The English-speaking lawyers of this Lisbon firm advise Portuguese and foreign clients on corporate law matters, including incorporation, mergers and acquisitions, dissolution and sale of companies and other entities.

In addition to due diligence reports, the team’s lawyers can also assist with corporate reorganisation tasks, including mergers and acquisitions, transfers and sales of shares, and the purchase and sale of individual corporate assets.

  • Tax benefits
  • Special contributions
  • State and municipal surtax
  • Corporate Income Tax (CIT)
  • Employment incentives
  • International Business Centre (Zona Franca da Madeira)
  • Investment incentives
  • Tax rates
  • Parafiscal taxes

European and International Taxation

The staff of this European and international tax law firm provides services to support internationalisation while maintaining compliance with legal, tax, customs, regulatory, currency, corporate and employment requirements in the many countries. In the same vein, the firm’s lawyers are always trying to determine which business structure would be best for their clients’ future growth, both professionally and personally.

  • International tax compliance
  • Double Taxation
  • Agreements (DTAs)
  • International investments
  • Cross-border reorganisations
  • European taxation
  • International Taxation
  • International Business Centre (Zona Franca da Madeira)

Portuguese and international VAT

This Portuguese law firm provides legal advice in English on VAT (Value Added Tax) matters, thanks to its team of lawyers who are experts in tax law.

This advice can cover, for example, review of procedures, recovery of taxes in case of bad debts, optimisation of deduction techniques and cash flows, optimisation of supply chain structures and optimisation of invoicing issues.

  • Customs taxes
  • Excise duties
  • Property taxes
  • Value added tax (VAT)

High-end legal services for private clients in Portugal

This Portuguese law firm represents private clients and its lawyers have the expertise to assist wealthy individuals to settle in Portugal by assessing the financial and legal implications of doing so. Within these private client groups, they also provide legal assistance to non-EU citizens seeking to obtain a residence permit or Portuguese citizenship.

The Private Client Services team provides legal advice to non-EU citizens who wish to settle in Portugal after obtaining a residence permit (to work, to obtain a “D-7” passive income, to set up a business or to study, etc.).

This group of highly qualified lawyers also offers advice to those who want to obtain the special residence permit for investment activity in Portugal (ARI/GOLDEN VISA). The services also include assistance in the collection of documents and accompanying the client to the Aliens and Frontiers Department (SEF) or to the Registration and Notary Office (RNO).

  • Tax returns
  • Customs
  • Bank domiciliation
  • Expatriates
  • Import of personal property
  • Personal income tax (IRPP)
  • Foreign investment
  • Family governance
  • Naturalization
  • Ex-resident regime
  • Tax and asset management
  • Non-Habitual residents (NHR)
  • Social security
  • Inheritance and donations
  • Visas and residence permits
English tax lawyer Lisbon

English speaking tax lawyer in Lisbon and Portugal

Please fill in the form below and your request will be forwarded to a English speaking tax and corporate law firm in Lisbon who will contact you directly to discuss your project. Please note that this firm is highly reputable, competent and offers high quality services for individuals and companies.

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