Lisbon: home delivery of fruit and vegetables

In this time of pandemic and Covid-19, it may be interesting for some of you to have fruit and vegetables delivered to your homes in Lisbon.

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The state of emergency and social isolation caused by the new coronavirus has created barriers to buying fruit and vegetables outside of department stores. But almost at the same time, a series of new services were born (or reborn), with the online sale and delivery of fruit and vegetables in Lisbon for those who want to avoid going out.

Discover a list of stores in Lisbon :

  • The Mercearia da Graça is also available for home delivery in the Lisbon area. Customers choose the products and can ask for the price on the website.
  • Consi.go , a Portuguese and Italian grocery store of “small, artisanal and if possible sustainable and organic products” composes, personalizes and delivers baskets at home, between 09:00 and 20:00. For more information, visit the website.
  • ClubeFood also delivers vegetable and fruit baskets. Orders can be placed through the website . Prices vary from a bag containing twenty fruits at 7.99 euros to a 6 kg garden basket at 11.99 euros. On delivery, 3.99 euros must be added to the price of the basket and it is delivered within two days, according to the company’s estimate. Payment is made on the website.
  • In the Independent Food, specialized grocery and wine shop you can find “organic vegetables and fruit directly from the producer. The bags are left at the door and payments are made electronically or by bank transfer. For more information about ordering, you can visit the website . The service is only available in the center of Lisbon (detailed information on the website) and the order must be a minimum of 30€.
  • The Fruta Feia project, which has avoided the wastage of two thousand tons of fruit and vegetables over the last six years, has resumed home deliveries of fruit and vegetables: since 30 March in the Lisbon area, and since 6 April in the Oporto area.
  • AVM Comércio de Frutas normally delivers to hotels but the pandemic has changed the plans. They have created a Whatsapp group with all their customers. Now they also do home deliveries. The products can be found on the website . Orders are placed by e-mail ( The prices vary and you can find out about them by placing your order via e-mail. The products are delivered from Monday to Saturday, between 05:00 and 14:00 and delivery is free in the metropolitan area of Lisbon for orders over 30 euros (Mandatory).
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