Public holidays in Portugal in 2024

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Portugal, with its rich history and vibrant culture, celebrates many public holidays throughout the year. These days are not only moments of rest and celebration, but also opportunities to commemorate important historical events, religious traditions and national achievements. Here is a detailed guide to public holidays in Portugal in 2024, including long weekends and bridges.

Public Holidays in Portugal in January 2024

Monday 1 January 2024 (Ano Novo)

On 1 January, Portugal celebrates the New Year (Ano Novo). It’s a time of festivities when families and friends come together to celebrate the New Year with hope and joy. The streets are lit up with fireworks, and people share traditional meals.

Public Holidays in Portugal in February 2024

Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 February 2024 (Carnival) – OPTIONAL

Although Carnival is not an official public holiday throughout Portugal, many cities and regions celebrate it. Festivities include colourful parades, extravagant costumes and street parties. It’s a time of rejoicing before Lent.

Public Holidays in Portugal in March 2024

Friday 29 March 2024 (Sexta-feira Santa)

Good Friday, or Sexta-feira Santa, is a sacred day for Christians in Portugal. It marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and is marked by religious processions and solemn ceremonies in churches across the country.

Sunday 31 March 2024 (Páscoa)

Easter Sunday, or Páscoa, celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Families gather for a special meal that often includes lamb and traditional sweets such as “Folar da Páscoa”, a sweet bread.

Public Holidays in Portugal in April 2024

Thursday 25 April 2024 (Dia da Liberdade)

25 April is “Dia da Liberdade” or Freedom Day, commemorating the 1974 Carnation Revolution that ended the dictatorship and restored democracy. Official ceremonies, concerts and public celebrations are held throughout the country.

Public Holidays in Portugal in May 2024

Wednesday 1 May 2024 (Dia do Trabalhador)

May 1st is Labour Day, celebrated all over the world. In Portugal, this day is marked by demonstrations and cultural events highlighting the importance of workers’ rights.

Thursday 30 May 2024 (Corpo de Deus)

Corpo de Deus” or Corpus Christi is an important Catholic celebration. Religious processions take place in the streets, where the faithful follow the consecrated host carried by the priest.

Public Holidays in Portugal in June 2024

Monday 10 June 2024 (Dia de Portugal)

June 10 is Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities Day. This day celebrates the nation, its language and its diaspora throughout the world. Military ceremonies, parades and cultural events are organised, including readings of the works of Luís de Camões, the famous Portuguese poet.

Public Holidays in Portugal in August 2024

Thursday 15 August 2024 (Assunção de Nossa Senhora)

The Assumption of Mary is a Catholic holy day celebrating the belief that the Virgin Mary was taken to heaven at the end of her life. Masses and processions are held in churches across the country.

Public Holidays in Portugal in October 2024

Saturday 5 October 2024 (Implantação da República)

5 October marks the Implantation of the Republic in 1910, when Portugal changed from a monarchy to a republic. Although it is a Saturday, commemorative events take place, including official ceremonies and exhibitions.

Public Holidays in Portugal in November 2024

Friday 1 November 2024 (Dia de todos os Santos)

All Saints’ Day is a day dedicated to the memory of all Christian saints and martyrs. The Portuguese often visit cemeteries to pay their respects to loved ones who have passed away.

Public Holidays in Portugal in December 2024

Sunday 1 December 2024 (Restauração da Independência)

1 December is Restoration of Independence Day, marking the end of Spanish rule in 1640. Although it is a Sunday, the event is commemorated with official ceremonies.

Sunday 8 December 2024 (Dia da Imaculada Conceição)

The Day of the Immaculate Conception is an important religious festival, celebrating the belief that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was conceived without original sin. It is also the day of Portugal’s patron saint.

Wednesday 25 December 2024 (Natal)

Christmas, or Natal, is celebrated with great fervour in Portugal. Families gather for a festive meal, exchange gifts and attend midnight mass.

Bridges in Portugal in 2024

In 2024, a number of public holidays offer the opportunity to bridge the gap and enjoy long weekends or short holidays. Here are a few opportunities not to be missed:

  • Carnival Bridge: In February, those celebrating Carnival can enjoy a long weekend by taking Monday 12 February off.
  • Bridge between 25 April and 1 May: With 25 April on a Thursday and 1 May on a Wednesday, by taking a few days off you can enjoy a full week’s holiday.
  • 31 May bank holiday: If you take Friday 31 May off work, you can enjoy a four-day weekend thanks to the bank holiday on 30 May.
  • 15 August bank holiday: The bank holiday on Thursday 15 August means you can enjoy a long weekend if you also take Friday 16 August off.
  • Christmas / New Year: With Christmas and New Year falling on Wednesdays, by taking a few days off you can enjoy an extended holiday period.

These public holidays and bridges offer excellent opportunities to discover Portugal’s traditions, culture and landscapes, whether by taking part in local festivities or exploring the country over a long weekend.

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