Tejo Lisbon: -40% off for train passes

Passes for public rail transport will be reduced by 40% in between Médio Tejo and Lisbon, with discounts of up to 52% in some cases with the combined use of Navegante, said the executive secretary of the inter-municipal community.

Train Lisbon Tejo

-40% between Tejo and Lisbon

“We have formalised the signing of the agreement with CP and the reduction in the tariff for rail transport subscriptions will be 40% with the combined use of the Navegante pass, between Azambuja and the Lisbon metropolitan area. The values of the discounts could reach 52% from May for passengers under the Support Programme for Fare Reduction (PART)”, said today Lusa Miguel Pombeiro, Executive Secretary of the Intercommunal Community of the Médio Tejo.

According to him, users of the Médio Tejo rail transport (which includes 13 municipalities in the Santarém district) should buy two season tickets: one to go anywhere between the Médio Tejo and Azambuja and another with a special fare to be used between the Azambuja station and the Lisbon metropolitan area. On connections between Azambuja and Lisbon, it will be possible to acquire the most advantageous combination of subscriptions for passengers, by accumulating the two regional & interregional CP formulas.

Medio Tejo to Lisbon

There are approximately 11 thousand annual train passes that are sold to passengers who wish to travel to Médio Tejo, which represents a significant benefit in terms of reducing the value of monthly passes for more than a thousand passengers. As an example, the manager said that a season ticket between Entroncamento and Lisbon stations now costs 252 euros and that from 1 May, with the combination of the two new season tickets, it will cost only 120 euros, which represents a discount of around 52%,” he noted.

According to Miguel Pombeiro, the 40% discounts “will be applied from 29 April next” and advised passengers “to buy their subscriptions with the implementation of these discounts. As for the special Navegante pass, it is already on sale at CP.

From May, the measures to reduce fares on CP rail services will enter into force, such as the 40% reduction on tickets for regional and interregional trains for all journeys departing from the Médio Tejo , as well as the measures to reduce fares on intercity services provided by Rodoviária da Beira Interior and Rodoviária da Beira Litoral (40% reduction on the social passport) for travel to the Médio Tejo .

Overall reduction in transport around Lisbon

Subscriptions to public road transport in the Médio Tejo region have been reduced by 40% since 1 April. Around 90% of the €870,984 public transport fare reduction programme allocated to the region is aimed at reducing the cost of social and on-demand tickets. The reduction covers not only public transport within the region, but also connections with neighbouring regions (Lezíria, Leiria, Coimbra and Beira Baixa) and those used for suburban connections to Lisbon, in particular normal and youth season tickets.

Dans le cas du service de transport à la demande, dont le CIMT (Comunidade intermunicipal do Médio Tejo ) a été un “pionnier”, la réduction tarifaire sur les 60 circuits existants atteint 47% dans certains d’entre eux, les tranches tarifaires, au 1er avril, étant de 1 / 1,5 / 2 euros le billet.

Le CIMT a également prévu d’étendre l’offre de ce type de transport flexible à l’ensemble de la région.

In the case of the transport on demand service, of which the CIMT (Comunidade intermunicipal do Médio Tejo) has been a “pioneer”, the fare reduction on the 60 existing circuits reaches 47% in some of them, with fare brackets, as of 1 April, of 1 / 1.5 / 2 euros per ticket.

The CIMT also plans to extend the offer of this type of flexible transport to the entire region.

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