Setting up a business in Portugal

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Lisbon, Porto and many other cities in Portugal are becoming extremely dynamic and attractive and are exhibiting more and more arguments year after year for companies wishing to set up there: advantageous taxation, construction of offices in strong growth, strong increase in the installation of foreign companies, attractive real estate market, excellent quality of life…

The creation of a new company or the takeover of an existing one in Portugal are operations for which it is essential to be advised and accompanied by people who speak both English and Portuguese but who also have a perfect command of all the administrative, accounting and legal aspects of the country. This is why I propose to you to discover below various services dedicated to the companies having needs concerning their establishment in Lisbon or elsewhere, the purchase of a Portuguese company, the accounting management, the creation of company or the English-speaking management of human resources in Portugal.

All these services are provided by an accountancy firm and chartered accountant based in Lisbon, speaking perfect English, which has been operating in the sector for almost 20 years and has already accompanied almost 200 companies in their establishment in Portugal.

If you have a specific request regarding accounting, creation, purchase of a company, HR accounting management or any other specific need for support for companies in Portugal, you can use one of the forms on the pages below.

Setting up a business in Portugal

Starting a business in Portugal
You wish to set up in Portugal and create your company there. On this page you will find various information about setting up a company in Lisbon, Porto or elsewhere in the country. Preparing and drafting the articles of association of your future Portuguese company, obtaining TIN, licences, finding offices, opening a bank account, registering the company and other essential steps for your new business: the English-speaking accountants in Lisbon will take care of everything. Contact us to discuss it with them.

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Setting up a company in Portugal is one thing, but managing its accounts is another. Find on this dedicated page all the support services offered by the English-speaking accountants of Lisbon who know absolutely everything about accounting in Portugal. They will accompany you throughout the year until the annual closing, allowing you to free your time and mind to concentrate on the performance of your company. Lisbon’s accountants can assist you with income tax returns, taxes, invoicing, balance sheets, VAT recovery, and annual closing, among other things.

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Buying a business in Portugal

Starting a business in Portugal
Portugal is a land of opportunity for companies that wish to expand or offer new skills through acquisition. But is your project viable and is the opportunity you had in mind really an opportunity? Lisbon’s accountants will accompany you and advise you on all aspects of the Portuguese buyout process: market research, analysis, field visits, data collection and information gathering to help you decide whether or not the Portuguese buyout is an opportunity.

Human Resources Management in Portugal

Il existe de nombreuses situations pour laquelle vous pourriez avoir besoin d’une assurance vie au Portugal, que ce soit une assurance vie temporaire ou une assurance vie à prime nivelée dans le cadre par exemple d’un prêt immobilier. Si vous souhaitez assurer l’avenir de votre famille, garantir un prêt immobilier, exercez un métier à risque, garantir votre sécurité, celle de votre entreprise ou tout autre cas spécifique à chacun, alors vous trouverez sur cette page toutes les informations dont vous avez besoin et le contact francophone qui pourra vous garantir la meilleure solution.

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