English-speaking architect in Portugal

English-speaking architect in Portugal


English-speaking architect in Portugal: support

Your expatriation, property purchase or investment project in Portugal is coming to fruition and you wish to contact an English-speaking architect established in the country to carry out your project? Essencial Portugal puts you in touch with an English-speaking architect in Portugal, experienced and in touch with the most serious and efficient companies in the country to accompany you in your different construction and renovation projects :

A national coverage wherever you are: Lisbon, Porto, Algarve and others
International experience before moving to Portugal 9 years ago.
Several hundred projects completed in Portugal

Use the button below and fill in the associated form to be contacted by this English-speaking architect in Portugal and have a first discussion about your project. This architect is a serious person that I know personally and who will be able to carry out all types of projects.

All the photos used on this page are photos of projects realized by this English-speaking architect in Portugal.


At Essencial Portugal, I only offer English-speaking service providers that I know, whose customer feedback is highly positive and whose work is recognized for its high quality.

What this English-speaking architect from Lisbon can do for you

This English-speaking architect from Portugal, based in Lisbon more precisely, handles projects of very large and small scale. He will be able to accompany you in your construction and renovation projects:

  • Making contact: exchange around your project and your needs.
  • Feasibility study: is your project possible? Are the conditions favorable from the Portuguese administration’s point of view?
  • Securing your project from a legal point of view: verification of conditions, permits, procedures with the Portuguese administration.
  • Study of loan works: evaluation of the cost of your project if you wish to submit it to the bank to obtain a real estate loan for example.
  • Selection of trusted Portuguese artisans and companies to obtain the best offers, deadlines and prices.
  • Selection of the best companies and negotiation of the best prices
  • Centralization: coordination of all the work trades involved and project monitoring to have a single, trusted contact person.


English-speaking architect Lisbon

Using an English-speaking architect in Portugal for your construction and renovation projects is highly recommended. It is not uncommon in Portugal to have many legal or quality problems: a land sold without building permits, an incompetent renovation company, the impossibility to obtain the necessary permits or other. This architect based in Lisbon will serve as an intermediary and guarantor to ensure the proper completion of your work.

The profession of architect

The profession of architect in substance does not change whether it is in Portugal or elsewhere in Europe. But the legislations and the real estate context differ. A good architect will know how to adapt to these laws and contexts to make sure that nothing gets in the way of the good realization of your project.

The architect will therefore draw, design and supervise the construction of a building but also its renovation if such is the project. He will be able to carry out these missions as well for a single-family house as for collective housing or public buildings. His primary qualities must be creativity, but also listening and respect for the standards applicable in the country where he works.

English-speaking architect in Portugal


  • Drawing of plans for construction and renovation: the plans are the result of discussions with the client and will be subject to modifications as the project progresses. These plans may vary according to the client’s requirements, urbanization laws, the characteristics of the land or the laws in force in the country.
  • Ensuring the feasibility of the project is essential and the architect is in charge of carrying out all the studies necessary for this feasibility. He is also in charge of visiting the Portuguese administrations to avoid unpleasant surprises during the project.
  • Once the construction or renovation project has been validated by the client, this English-speaking architect in Portugal will be in charge of selecting the companies that will be involved. These are companies with which he works regularly: masonry, electricity, plumbing, carpentry, insulation…
  • The architect has a role of project manager and must establish a planning taking into account the various phases of the construction site. He will produce regular reports to be transmitted to the clients concerning the progress of the work.
  • If necessary, the architect is also in charge of the application for the various permits and the production of complete files containing plans, sketches or photographs.
  • Finally, the architect is the guarantor of the smooth running of the construction sites for which he is responsible and ensures that the companies involved act in accordance with the project, its plans and deadlines.

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By validating the contact form, you authorize me to transmit your request to this English-speaking architect in Portugal who will be able to contact you directly. Nothing is automated: they are people I know, based in Lisbon and who are qualified to accompany you in your approach & your project.

Essencial Portugal is a website that connects individuals/companies with trusted, certified professionals in Portugal to carry out projects in the country. Only these certified and approved professionals are able to inform you, offer and invoice these services.

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