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Starting a business in Portugal

In recent years, we have seen many pensioners from Europe and elsewhere moving to Portugal, Lisbon or the Algarve. The conditions for foreign retirement can be advantageous with the status of Non Habitual Resident. But with two Websummit in 2016 and 2017, Lisbon is also an attractive city for young French or English-speaking entrepreneurs and working people. Portugal offers advantages in terms of salary costs, taxation or risk at hiring allowing everyone to start their own business.

Setting up a business in Portugal

Before discovering below the different stages of business creation in Portugal or the legal statutes available, you can fill in the form below to be accompanied by accountants and chartered accountants throughout the process of creating a business in Portugal, buying a company in the country, accounting management or human resources management.

This consulting, accounting and HR firm, which has been operating in the European market since 2000 and in Portugal since 2011, works with companies of several sectors and sizes and has already set up more than 200 companies in Portugal. Use the contact button below and fill in the dedicated form so that they can get to know your project and get back to you quickly for a first exchange.




The act of creating a company can be done very quickly in Portugal and you have the possibility of being accompanied by a Portuguese speaking person who will declare that he or she has explained all the important aspects related to the creation of your company. It is difficult to go to the relevant administration and start up on your own without knowledge of the language. English could be spoken there but all the official documents to be completed and signed will be in Portuguese.

Before starting this creation process, you will need to be in possession of a Portuguese Tax Identification Number (TIN). We can carry out this administrative process for you, but you will need to be present during the creation process of your company in Portugal. You will first have to register your company in the Commercial Register. Find out more about the certificates that you can obtain online and which will be required by the Portuguese authorities.

A Portuguese company must also obtain a registration number and a social security number. These are obtained through registration with the financial services and social security authorities. You can set this up on the internet. It is still recommended that you are always accompanied by a Portuguese accountant who speaks French or English (depending on your mother tongue). Invoices for companies in Portugal must be made by an approved software which is licensed on a yearly basis for a fee. The accountant will therefore ensure you :

  • Obtain regulatory invoices
  • To have a well kept accounting system in accordance with the laws in force.
  • To assist you in certain administrative procedures relating to your company
  • To complete your tax returns in the most advantageous way possible

Contact us and entrust us with all your administrative procedures related to the creation of your company in Portugal. We accompany you in the administrative procedures around the greater Lisbon area, from the constitution of the file to the delivery of the final legal documents.

If your funds come from a foreign country, you will have to register with the Portuguese Office of Trade, Investment and Tourism. It will also be necessary to open a Portuguese bank account.

Company statutes in Portugal

Your new professional project in Lisbon or elsewhere may not yet have all its foundations. So here is an overview of the different company legal statuses to choose from in Portugal, in order to help you decide which one is most advantageous for your company.

The individual company

Ideal for small businesses, this legal form does not require capital. The founder is the only one to manage, but his assets and those of his company are common. A form to think about given his unlimited liability.

The Company Unipessoal per Quotas

The minimum capital of this legal form is 1€. Appreciable for an easy business creation, it will be necessary to keep in mind that in case of a flourishing activity and a demand for loans or investments, a capital of 1000€ will be more convincing than 1€. This legal form requires only one partner (physical or moral) who will be liable up to the amount of his contribution.

Portuguese Company for Quotas

Legal form with limited liability which must have at least 2 partners. The minimum capital for creating a company in the L.D.A. form is 1€ per associate. The company may have one or more managers. The partners are liable for the amount of their contributions and are above all jointly and severally liable to each other in the event of debts.

The Public Limited Company

Recommended legal form for large companies. It requires a minimum of 5 shareholders for its creation and a minimum capital of 50,000€.

The Collective Name Company

The minimum number of partners in this legal form is two. They may be more and each has one vote. There is no minimum capital requirement and all business decisions are taken by simple majority. In the case of the appointment of a non-partner manager, corporate decisions must be unanimous.

Empresa na Hora: your Portuguese company in 1 hour

There are unique offices in Lisbon and elsewhere where it is possible for Portuguese and non-Portuguese alike to set up a business in less than an hour. This service is offered for the creation of small businesses, such as UNIPESSOAL and Sociedad por Quotas. A solution that can be interesting since in these offices you will be able to :

  • Choose the name of your Portuguese company
  • Choosing your legal status
  • Define its head office
  • Defining your capital
  • Define your field of activity

A simple signature and payment will finalize the creation of your company in Lisbon. To have created my own business in these offices, the waiting time can be longer depending on the hours chosen. We can accompany you and advise you on the best time to get there.
The capital of your company must be deposited in a Portuguese bank account before the constitution of your file or 5 days after its delivery to the administrations. The articles of association must also be signed before a notary and the start of your activity declared: two elements that may require the assistance of an experienced accountant.

Company creation in Portugal with an English-speaking accountant

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Setting up your Portuguese company from A to Z: serious and professional service

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Essencial Portugal is a website that connects individuals/companies with trusted, certified professionals in Portugal to carry out projects in the country. Only these certified and approved professionals are able to inform you, offer and invoice these services.

Below you will find other related services for English speaking companies in Portugal, which will give you an idea of the range of professionals that can accompany you :

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