Car insurance in Portugal

There is no derogation possible: any vehicle on the road must be protected by car insurance in Portugal as anywhere else in Europe. The market offers more and more offers and car insurers in Portugal, which does not always make it easier for the insured to choose.

car insurance in Portugal

There are many variables to consider when choosing insurance, not just price. Given how difficult it is for a Portuguese and even more so for an expatriate to choose the right car insurance in Portugal, you will find below some useful information to help you in your choice. My advice is always the same, get professional help. If you don’t know one, then you will find below a way to contact an English speaking broker who specializes in Portuguese insurance.

English-speaking car insurance broker in Portugal

Before moving on to the information section if you want to insure your car in Portugal on your own, you should know that there are nearly 70 different offers from car insurers in the country. This, in addition to the language barrier, could cause you problems in choosing the right insurance. All these comparisons and the choice of car insurance are not a piece of cake and you may not want to take care of it yourself.

In this case, you can use the button below and fill in the associated form to be put in touch with an English-speaking broker based in Lisbon and expert in insurance in Portugal. He will make the comparison with the majority of insurance companies and find the one that best suits your situation. He will also remain your English-speaking intermediary for the duration of your contract for any questions you may have.




Portuguese car insurance

car insurance portugal

Depending on whether you want to insure a car bought in Europe or in Portugal, the conditions to be met will not be the same. It is possible to choose Portuguese insurance even if you have European license plates. You will then have to take the necessary steps with the insurer to have your contract modified, after having acquired your Portuguese number plates.

Insuring a car registered in Europe

  • The insurance will cover you for 60 days, after which it will no longer be valid unless you have changed to Portuguese plates.
  • As indicated on our dedicated page, the process of changing registration is long and costly.
  • It is easier to buy a vehicle directly in Portugal
  • You can transfer your bonus to your Portuguese insurance (In the case of the EU only): beware that not all Portuguese car insurers take your background into account.
  • You will be able to keep your insurance if it has an agency in Portugal or is authorised to provide services in Portugal.

Insuring a car registered in Portugal

  • Simple procedure as in many European countries: third party insurance with full insurance coverage
  • Riot and weather coverage is optional.
  • You can get a discount depending on the city in which you drive and your driver profile.
  • Some insurers do not require a deductible for glass breakage.

It is important to compare before making your choice, as you will find almost 70 companies offering car insurance in Portugal.

Be careful, the driver or owner who does not have third party liability insurance is in an illegal situation and runs the risk of having his vehicle seized and paying a fine ranging from €500 to €2,500. Lack of insurance is considered a serious offence. If you are involved in an accident without such insurance, you can still be held responsible for the damage caused to the injured parties.

Car insurance in Portugal: to choose

Your age, the region where you live and the characteristics of your vehicle are just some of the constraints evaluated when calculating the price of car insurance. Therefore, it is always important to pay attention to the market and choose the best option that takes your needs into account.

Below you will find some information to help you make your choice if you want to do things on your own.

tranquilidade portuguese car insurer

Do research and simulation

After doing car insurance simulations in Portugal, you won’t be able to say, “I didn’t know that option.” With a simple search on the Internet you will be able to make several simulations that will allow you to perceive the different proposals that exist on the market. Just enter the data of your vehicle to get a basic idea of the amount you might have to pay.

Of course the Portuguese car insurance simulators will ask you for your contact details, which will certainly be a problem if you don’t speak the language. Don’t subscribe without knowing!

Choose your car insurance options

Some people say that comprehensive car insurance only makes sense for vehicles less than 10 years old, but this decision is unique to each driver and you need to think about it. Below you will find details of comprehensive car insurance cover in Portugal.

In some cases, it can be very advantageous to group all the vehicles in a household with the same insurer. As with life insurance in Portugal, this can lead to interesting discounts on the final price.

To make sure you don’t lose a penny, ask if there is a price reduction in cases where you combine all policies from the same insurer. If you have an insurance professional accompany you to Portugal then entrust him/her with all your insurance policies to take out, he/she will get you these discounts.

It is not enough to guarantee the lowest price, it is important to understand the limits of coverage of each car insurance. In the event of an accident or breakdown, a service you thought was covered could actually be much more expensive.

Watch out for bonuses in your car insurance

This is an aspect often neglected by car owners. Drivers who have few or no accidents over the years end up with a significant bonus. In some cases, the bonus can be as high as 50%.

But according to insurers, some accidents do not lead to a deterioration in the value of the insurance, such as the breaking of insulated glass, for example. Be aware of these options.

Find out more about the Portuguese car insurer

To make sure you choose the best service, look for more information about your insurer (there are many forums on the Internet with thousands of reviews of each of the insurers available on the market in Portugal).

You can also consult the average accident insurance periods of each insurer. This type of information is necessary to help you determine whether or not you are dealing with an attentive insurer.

All-risk car insurance in Portugal

All-risk car insurance in Portugal

All-risk car insurance, also known as personal damage insurance, offers the insured the possibility of more comprehensive coverage than normal liability insurance.

However, even though these contracts are called all-risk insurance, the truth is that no car insurance contract covers all risks. This term is used to refer to a Portuguese insurance that can cover you in case of damage even if you are responsible for it.

All-risk automobile insurance coverage

The coverage of this insurance varies from one insurer to another, but may include in general

  • Damage to the vehicle itself, such as scratches.
  • Civil liability covering damage caused to third parties
  • Strikes, riots and public order changes
  • Acts of vandalism and terrorism
  • Collision
  • Shock
  • Insulated glass breakage
  • Flight
  • Fire
  • Natural disasters
  • Reversal
  • Explosion
  • Temporary deprivation of use of the vehicle
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Medical Assistance
  • Travel Assistance

Price of all-risk car insurance in Portugal

Each insurer can set its own prices, including the price of compulsory motor third party liability insurance. Certain factors can affect the price of insurance such as :

  • The age of the driver
  • The age of the vehicle
  • The seniority of the driving licence

The price of all-risk insurance can be updated once a year when the contract is renewed and usually increases if you have claims for which you are responsible. The same applies to bonuses if you do not register any claims. In any case, the Portuguese car insurer is obliged to inform you of price changes from one contract to another.

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