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The legal obligations for two-wheelers are the same as for motorists in terms of motorcycle insurance in Portugal. Third party liability insurance is compulsory, so if you are looking for the cheapest motorcycle insurance, be aware that it is not always the best option.

Several options are available to you and therefore it will be necessary to know all the conditions offered by the different Portuguese motorcycle insurance companies.

motorcycle insurance portugal

Motorcycle insurance in Portugal: English-speaking accompaniment

Are you arriving in Portugal and want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the country with your motorcycle? Be aware that a minimum insurance here is compulsory, that not all Portuguese insurance companies offer them and finding the one that perfectly suits your needs and your motorbike may not be something you want to worry about.

You can therefore use the button below and fill in the associated form to be put in touch with an English-speaking broker based in Lisbon and specialising in insurance in Portugal. He will take into account your needs, your information, your research and will accompany you in taking out the best motorcycle insurance in Portugal.




Motorcycle Insurance Information in Portugal

According to the law, the civil liability insurance to be taken out by motorcyclists must cover one million euros for material damage and five million euros for bodily injury.

Although insurance is required by law, some companies still limit the purchase of this type of insurance to people who are already part of their customer portfolio or to motorcyclists who have no record of an accident. All the more reason to be accompanied by an insurance professional in Portugal who will be able to guide you to the companies that will accept to insure you in the best way according to your personal situation.

Personal damage insurance is the most appropriate as it protects you against damage to the motorcycle:

  • Theft
  • Shock
  • Reversal
  • Collision
  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Lightning

If you combine all your insurance policies with a single company (life, health or automobile insurance, for example), a specialist may be able to negotiate your contract more easily and at a more affordable annual cost.

Many motorcycle insurers in Portugal, due to the risk involved, do not take out motorcycle insurance, especially if you are not already a customer of other types of services. The same is true if you have had your motorcycle licence for less than two years, are under 25 years old or have already had accidents: three cases in which taking out motorcycle insurance in Portugal will be more difficult.

Sometimes you can take out cheaper motorcycle insurance through an intermediary who will take care of the negotiation: he has the advantage of bringing a lot of contracts to the insurance company and being able to register you more easily and for less money.

If Portuguese motorcycle insurers refuse to take out insurance for you, you can and must make three declarations of refusal. Then present these documents to the Insurance Institute in Portugal and this entity will designate a motorcycle insurance company to take out the insurance.

The vast majority of insurers define two classes of cylinder capacity to define the prices of motorcycle insurance:

  • Motorcycles up to 500 cubic centimetres
  • Motorcycles over 500 cubic centimetres in size

Other motorcycle insurers may offer a class of 250 cubic centimetres or less, but the majority do not.

As with car insurance in Portugal, motorcyclists living in low-risk areas are entitled to a discount on the insurance premium, which can vary between 5% and 25%.

On the other hand, injured motorcyclists see their premiums increase by up to 200% depending on the number of claims you report. Younger motorcyclists with a recent licence are also heavily penalised: they pay around 40% more for their motorcycle insurance in Portugal.

Types of motorcycle insurance in Portugal

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Choosing the type of motorcycle insurance that best suits your needs is very important for your protection, the protection of your motorcycle and the protection of your motorcycle from damage that may be caused to third parties. The insurance will provide economic support and assistance in the event of an accident, theft or any other accident.

The motorcycle insurance to choose and its price depends not only on the type of insurance but also on its use. You won’t have the same insurance if you have a motorcycle for long journeys or simply utility. Repairs and parts are much more expensive on big motorcycles and in this case, having insurance that takes care of the repairs will certainly be more profitable.

You will generally find three types of motorcycle insurance on the market:

  • Third party motorcycle insurance
  • All-risk motorcycle insurance

Third party motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle third party liability insurance is also known as compulsory third party liability insurance. It is a compulsory basic insurance that is quite economical even though it is also the one with the lowest coverage.

Thus, among the compulsory coverages are :

  • Compulsory insurance
  • Penal coverage
  • Claims for compensation
  • Roadside assistance

Additional coverage is generally provided by third-party insurance. All of this is for information purposes only and will of course depend on your insurance contract.

  • Motorcycle replacement
  • Flight
  • Travel Assistance
  • Damage to third parties

All-risk motorcycle insurance


All-risk motorcycle insurance in Portugal is mainly recommended for those who use the motorcycle intensively and who prefer to make sure that they will be covered regardless of any problems that may arise. This type of insurance protects both the motorcycle, the driver and third parties that could be involved in a road accident.

The biggest disadvantage of this type of motorcycle insurance is of course the cost of the insurance, but despite the high price, comprehensive insurance offers all kinds of protection, giving the insured greater peace of mind.

Also note that comprehensive motorcycle insurance in Portugal can be taken out with or without a deductible. So a good way to choose the type of motorcycle insurance that best suits you is to compare what different insurers offer based on your personal information and your motorcycle.

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