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Setting up a business in Portugal is one thing, but managing the accounts throughout the year is another. Whatever the size of your company, during the year you will need to manage your invoicing, to have a general view of your financial situation, to meet the different tax obligations in force in Portugal, to make the obligatory declarations, to be accompanied by an English-speaking chartered accountant in the event of a tax audit or if you wish to carry out financial analyses in the context of investments or financing.


English-speaking Chartered Accountant Lisbon Portugal


English-speaking accounting firm in Lisbon

You can use the contact button below and fill in the dedicated form if you wish to be accompanied by an English-speaking accounting and auditing firm in Lisbon. They are based in the Portuguese capital but can carry out the accounting management of your company remotely without this being a problem. This firm is made up of many English-speaking accountants and has accompanied more than 200 clients over the last 8 years, whether for accounting management, setting up companies in Portugal, buying companies or outsourcing all human resources management.

You can fill in the form below in order to be contacted as soon as possible to discuss your business project in Portugal, to be accompanied and to consult below all their English-speaking accounting services in Lisbon and Portugal.

By validating the contact form, you authorize me to forward your request to an English-speaking person who will be able to contact you directly. This person is a professional who offers paid services whose price varies according to your requests, needs and projects. Nothing is automated: these are people I know, based in Lisbon and who are qualified to accompany you in your approach & your project.

Essencial Portugal is a website that connects individuals/companies with trusted, certified professionals in Portugal to carry out projects in the country. Only these certified and approved professionals are able to inform you, offer and invoice these services.

English-speaking accounting management Lisbon and Portugal

You will find below the full range of accounting services within or outside the chart of accounts for which the English-speaking accountants in Lisbon can assist you.

English Accounting Services (Chart of Accounts)

  • Encoding of supplier invoices
  • Encoding of invoices and miscellaneous expenses
  • Sending the Saft File (communication of sales documents)
  • Encoding of customer invoices
  • Posting cash transactions
  • Cash, bank accounts, foreign exchange, bank reconciliation
  • Receivables and assets
  • Rents, leases
  • Internal documents
  • Accounting for employee costs
  • Preparation and mailing of Annual Income Tax Return and Resident Withholding (Mod.10) and Individual Income Tax Return
  • Communication of inventories
  • Verification and sending of taxes (IUC , IMI, etc)
  • Account statements
  • Monthly or quarterly balance sheet and analysis (depending on the VAT system)
  • Tax and VAT declaration
  • Preparation of tax tables
  • English-speaking tax advice

English-language accounting services (outside the accounting plan)

  • Registration of your company in the accounting system (license) payable only once

This English-speaking accounting firm works with the “Primavera” system. In Portugal the accounting software is directly linked to the tax and social security authorities.

  • Portuguese and intra-Community VAT recovery requested
  • Bank declarations for international transactions with the Portuguese National Bank (COPE)
  • The realization of the invoices of the customer to his customers
  • Assistance and accompaniment of possible tax audits
  • Annual closing

Annual company closure Lisbon and Portugal

Carrying out the annual closing for your Portuguese company includes the following elements :

  • Reconciliation of accounts
  • Adjustment of accounts
  • Circularization of customer and supplier accounts
  • Preparation of the balance sheet and income statement
  • Corporate tax return, Inventories, etc.)
  • Preparation of closing minutes
  • Preparing and Sending the Annual Income Tax Return (Am.22)
  • Preparation and dispatch of the annual accounts service record (IES)

Below you will find other related services for English-speaking companies in Portugal, which will give you an idea of the range of professionals that can accompany you :

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