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You are about to expatriate to Portugal and are studying all your options in terms of health coverage and insurance that you will need once you settle in the country. No two people’s needs are alike and there are a multitude of insurances in Portugal that you may need. However, dealing with a Portuguese insurer without speaking the language very well will be very complicated: even if you manage to make yourself understood, all the insurance contracts you will have to sign will be in Portuguese.

I therefore spoke at length with a English-speaking insurance broker in Portugal, based near Lisbon and who has been helping English, French, Belgian, Canadian and other French and English-speaking people for several years in their expatriation project and the choice of their insurance in Portugal.
When we think about expatriation insurance, we think primarily about health insurance (mutual insurance) or car insurance that you will need in Portugal but we think less about all the different existing insurances that will allow you to live in your host country with peace of mind. This English-speaking Portuguese insurance broker based in Lisbon can be your link with insurance companies in Portugal to subscribe to Portuguese health, home, car, motorcycle, life (linked or not to a mortgage), dental, boat and many others.

Because these points are essential for your expatriation to Portugal or for the establishment of your company, you will find below a set of pages dedicated to all these types of insurance in Portugal as well as a dedicated form that will allow this Portuguese insurance expert to get back to you, study your project, your situation and offer you the most suitable insurance for your particular case. This broker is specialized in all types of insurance in Portugal, so you can use the general form on the contact page for a particular request.

Portugal Health Insurance

health insurance lisbon portugal
The health insurance is probably the most important insurance in Portugal. The health system in Portugal can be long and expensive if you are not covered by a private company. The choice of your mutual insurance company will depend on whether you are retired, working or even a student and will give you access to different offers that you will need to study in order to make the right choice. Here you will find information on the health system, the insurance available, your different options and the contact of a english-speaking person who will help you choose the best mutual insurance company for your situation.

Car insurance in Portugal

Whether you are thinking of buying a car here or registering your car in Portugal, you will in any case need car insurance. However, there are some issues that are not obvious when you make the transition from your home country to your host country. As with motorcycle insurance, here you will find all the information you need about car insurance in Portugal, its prices and you can contact a Portuguese insurance specialist.

car insurance portugal

Motorcycle insurance in Portugal

motorcycle insurance portugal
Here you will find all the information you need to take out motorcycle insurance in Portugal. If you have decided to come to Portugal with a motorcycle, then you will need to cover your vehicle and can only do so temporarily if your vehicle is registered in another European country. You will find here some information but you can also contact a English-speaking insurance specialist in Portugal who will be able to act as a simple intermediary, whether it is for your questions, the comparison of the offers and the subscription of a Portuguese motorcycle insurance.

Dental Insurance in Portugal

In Portugal, you can either use the cheaper public health system with extremely long waiting times or the private health service which can quickly cost a lot in “extras” if you don’t have the right coverage. This is the case of the dental part which, if not included in your mutual insurance, can be covered independently through dental insurance in Portugal. You will find here all the necessary information and a contact form to be advised by a English-speaking broker.

dental insurance portugal coverage

Life insurance in Portugal

life insurance portugal
There are many situations for which you may need life insurance in Portugal, whether it is term life insurance or level premium life insurance as part of a mortgage loan, for example. If you want to ensure your family’s future, guarantee a mortgage, do a risky job, guarantee your security, that of your company or any other specific case, then you will find on this page all the information you need and the contact person who can guarantee you the best solution.

Home insurance in Portugal

There are a multitude of ways to insure your Portuguese apartment or house against the various risks of everyday life such as fire and it depends on the situation of each one: what surface area to insure, location of the dwelling, renting or buying real estate, container & contents to insure, main or secondary residence? On this page you will find important information about home insurance in Portugal as well as a form to contact an insurance professional in the country.

home insurance portugal

Boat insurance in Portugal

boat insurance portugal
If you have decided to buy a boat in Portugal or to bring your own, then you will certainly ask yourself which is the best boat insurance in Portugal. Comparison of contracts, protection guarantees, different boat insurances in Portugal and above all offers the most adapted to your situation and that of your vehicle. You will find on this page the different important points to take into account when choosing the right insurance for your boat and the contact of a English-speaking insurance specialist in Portugal, who will accompany you to make the right choice and take out the right insurance.

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