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Finding a company to buy in Portugal is a real challenge. Before finding a company to develop, it is important to carry out an exhaustive market analysis. Of course, there are websites specialized in advertising for the sale and resale of companies where you can find companies to buy but if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want and especially of the situation of the company, it considerably increases the risks of this crucial operation.

The least risky way to create a new company in Portugal is to buy an existing Portuguese company, either through franchising or transfer. This is because the company already has a fixed customer base, a reputation in the market and an adequate working method. Moreover, the team is already formed, the licences, concessions, permits and other registrations already exist and banks prefer to work with companies with a track record.

Portugal is a country of growing opportunities in which you can find the right companies to buy, but it is also important to be accompanied by the right people: they will act as English-speaking intermediaries between companies, administrations, services and will carry out the necessary studies so that your company buyout in Portugal is safe and risk-free.

Catalog of investments and companies for sale in Portugal

Essencial Portugal works in partnership with a Portuguese company specialising in helping people buy and sell businesses in Portugal. Fill in the form below to be put in touch with this specialised company and discuss possible investments in Portugal with them.

This company will act as a bridge between the investor and the partner throughout the purchase or resale process and can also provide a management team after the agreement has been concluded to help the investor with the transition.

Below is a list of companies available for investment in Portugal, together with information on each of them.

Buying a Portuguese company: English-speaking support

Buying a Portuguese company: English-speaking supportBy filling in the form at the bottom of this page, you will be able to send your details to a firm of English-speaking accountants and chartered accountants based in Lisbon. For more than 10 years, these experts have accompanied nearly 200 companies in their establishment in Portugal but also in operations of purchase of Portuguese companies.  They will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your project and how they can best help you achieve it.

These professionals will accompany you throughout the process of buying a company in Portugal from the audit and analysis to the finalization of the operation. The best way to evaluate whether or not it is a good bet :

  • Identification of the potential companies of greatest interest.
  • Structure of the purchase and sale of the company
  • Negotiation of economic and non-economic conditions.
  • Accompaniment by a team of experts in business purchase in Portugal

The experts will inform you about whether or not it is the right choice to buy a particular Portuguese company and whether you have the necessary conditions to generate value.

By validating the contact form, you authorize me to forward your request to an English-speaking person who will be able to contact you directly. This person is a professional who offers paid services whose price varies according to your requests, needs and projects. Nothing is automated: these are people I know, based in Lisbon and who are qualified to accompany you in your approach & your project.

Essencial Portugal is a website that connects individuals/companies with trusted, certified professionals in Portugal to carry out projects in the country. Only these certified and approved professionals are able to inform you, offer and invoice these services.

You will find below other related services for English-speaking companies in Portugal, which will give you an idea of the range of professionals who can accompany you :

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Essencial Portugal puts you in touch with trusted and authorised professionals to help you with your projects.

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