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Dental insurance in Portugal or elsewhere may be included in your health insurance but this is not always the case. So you have a way to take it out independently for a price that is not very high, which will allow you to treat your oral health properly once you have settled in the country.

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It should be noted that the National Health Service does not guarantee dental care in Portugal. And this specialty is not covered by most health insurance companies if you do not request it at the time of subscription.

Choosing your dental insurance in Portugal

Knowing the different dental insurances available in Portugal, comparing their offers, reading the contracts, understanding the reimbursements, the different interventions taken into account and making the right choice according to your needs seems very complicated if you are not fluent in Portuguese. I therefore suggest you get in touch with an insurance specialist in English-speaking Portugal, based in Lisbon, who will take care of all this for you. A good way to simplify your life and leave it to the professionals. They will help you in the comparison, the choice, the subscription and will remain your English-speaking intermediary throughout your insurance to make the link with the company.

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Dental insurance in Portugal: how it works

Once you have had a check-up to find out what you and your family’s dental cover will need, you will be able to have simulations carried out by an insurance professional in Portugal or you can do them yourself. This will allow you to discover the offers and find the one that best suits your goals.

Most insurance companies have networks of doctors that you will need to visit in order for the coverage to work. Don’t worry, the network of dentists in Portugal is very extensive but it is always advisable to find out in advance if you have specialists near you.

Once you have chosen your dental insurance in Portugal, you will receive a dental health card that you will need to present to the dentist at the time of payment. With this card, you only pay for the part corresponding to the medical act performed. The amounts are defined in advance, in a table agreed between the dental insurer and the dentist.

As a holder of a dental health insurance in Portugal you will pay much less than an uncovered patient, since you only pay the difference between the cost of the consultation and the cost of your insurance in Portugal.

On the Portuguese dental insurance market, prices range from 80.00 to 200.00 euros per year, depending on the number of people in your family that you wish to include in your insurance.

But what if, instead of spending too little, you don’t spend a single euro on your oral health? This is possible if you meet some of the criteria to be part of the group of people who are entitled to the dentist’s cheque.

Couverture de l’assurance dentaire au Portugal

dental insurance coverage portugal

Be aware that dental insurance does not always cover the installation of implants and dentures. Some companies include these treatments in the most common plan, while others require additional coverage.

Below you can find some of the operations covered by dental insurance in Portugal but please note that this is just an example, the details will be mentioned in your insurance contract:

  • Consultations
  • Simple surgeries, such as tooth extraction
  • Urgent or emergency dental care
  • Restoration of teeth
  • Prevention of oral diseases
  • Radiology
  • Root canal treatment
  • Application of fluorine and putty

Is dental insurance worth it?

Dental insurance is worthwhile for several reasons. For starters, it offers better value for money than health insurance with full dental coverage. This kind of basic option doesn’t make the insurance much more expensive, but if you need something more comprehensive, it can quickly add up.

Dental insurance will undoubtedly improve your oral health. Dental procedures without coverage will cost you a lot of money, so you’ll be going less often. Since dental insurance is paid for every month, you will be able to go more regularly and at a lower cost. A safe way to take care of your teeth and avoid cavities.


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Another important point to note is that toothache does not prevent and appears without warning. At this point you have to act quickly and you will not have a solution if you are not covered. Dental insurance is paid on a year-round basis and ensures that you are prepared for problems that may arise at any time and that you can quickly make an appointment with your dentist.

I believe that the price will be largely reimbursed throughout the year and I therefore advise you without hesitation to take out dental insurance in Portugal.

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