Tailor-made trip to Porto

tailor-made trip to porto

Porto, que l’on appelle la « cidade invicta” (la ville invaincue), est un condensé de beautés architecturales, gastronomiques, historiques et culturelles. Laissez vous guider par une organisatrice qui vous montre la ville comme un local et vous dirige vers les meilleurs endroits, réserve pour vous les meilleurs hébergements, meilleurs restaurants et meilleures activités, dans le cadre d’un tourisme sain et durable. Le tout, totalement sur-mesure. Intrigués ?

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Your trip to Porto 100% tailor-made

The organizer takes care of your discovery of the city 100% tailor-made, 100% local, 100% eco-responsible, respecting your budget and your travel desires, while taking care not to alter the life of the inhabitants of Porto. A trip organised from A to Z by a local expert within the framework of sustainable tourism? It’s already a holiday!

The way it works is simple: the organiser negotiates and books all the services for your trip (except for the flights), which are proposed in a free quote sent to you beforehand. In addition to booking airport transfers, accommodation, restaurants and activities, the organiser creates itineraries for independent visits to the city, in line with an ethos of authentic and respectful discovery.



She also takes you, if you wish, outside her walls to discover the sublime Douro region, but also the most beautiful beaches and secret dunes on the coast, the ecological natural parks for hiking, the medieval historical towns around and all the local and authentic treasures that are hidden near Porto.

The elaboration of your travel programme is designed to respect your budget, your traveller profile (as a couple, with friends, with family…) and your desires. You pay for the different services in order to have total control over your expenses.

Find all these services and itineraries in your personalised travel guide and your interactive map that she gives you before your stay and let yourself be carried away!

Contact us for a tailor-made trip to Porto

By sending the form, you agree to be contacted by this personalised travel organiser to discuss your project together. A proposal will then be sent to you free of charge and without obligation until it is accepted.
This is a travel organiser and not a travel agency. Flights are not included in the proposed price.

Tailor-made Portugal

Let us guide you through a tailor-made organisation for your trip to Portugal: a trip to Lisbon, Porto or the Azores, whether solo, with family or friends, for a holiday, a stag party, a hen party or a seminar.

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