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Get in touch with a unique network of trustworthy English-speaking professionals to accompany you in your steps and your projects

Find out about the essential things you need to know and be aware of when moving to Portugal or discovering the country. 

Prepare your vacation in a few clicks: guided tours, hotels, villas, transportation, discounts, places to visit and things to do for an unforgettable stay

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Expatriation assistance

Essencial Portugal puts you in direct contact with trusted French-speaking professionals to assist you in your expatriation process and project. These professionals are all based in Portugal and have many years of expertise in their field. 

Find below all the areas in which you can get support. Fill out our accompaniment form and these experts will come back to you for a first exchange around your needs and your projects.

Nothing is automated, these professionals are trusted partners that we know and with whom we maintain regular contact.

Expatriation information

Because the expatriation process in Portugal is complex, especially if you don’t speak the language, Essencial Portugal puts you in direct contact with experts based in the country but also gives you all the important information on the main administrative procedures. Be well informed, to better expatriate!

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Prepare your holidays

Essencial Portugal offers you to plan your vacation in just a few clicks: tours, guided tours, hotels, luxury villas, transportation, places to visit, guides and discounts. A concentrate of the best of Lisbon and Portugal for a vacation out of the ordinary. Consult the “Book” section and make your choice.

Explore Lisbon

Best visits, places, hotels and general information about lisbon

Visit Lisbon by bus, by Tuk Tuk, by yourself or accompanied by English speaking guides who live in the capital. A selection of the best places and visits to discover Lisbon, its history, gastronomy and hospitality at its best.

Guided tours and must-see places in Lisbon

So many things to see that a single visit to Lisbon will not be enough. And yet, there are still places you wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world: Saint George’s Castle, Belem Tower, Lisbon Oceanarium, Hieronymy Monastery, Tramway 28 or Santa Justa lift. 

Discover below practical guides to plan your visits: prices, schedules, routes, tickets and all the information that will make your life easier.

Explore the Lisbon region

Lisbon is a city to visit absolutely during your vacations in Portugal but don’t forget to leave some time to discover its region and its surroundings. Evora, Fatima, Ericeira, Obidos, Tomar or Cascais and Estoril are places full of history and incomparable beauty.

Find below complete guides to prepare your visits: best guided tours, routes, things to know and not to miss. All the essentials to discover the wonderful region of Lisboa or even Porto much further north.

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