Tailor-made trip to Lisbon

customised Lisbon trip

Discovering one of the most beautiful European capitals is good, discovering it in a local and eco-responsible way is better!

Essencial Portugal offers you to get in touch with a tailor-made trip organizer in Lisbon. She is Franco-Portuguese of course and will make you visit the city through a personalized travel itinerary, which will make you discover its inescapable corners as well as its unusual corners by respecting the daily life of the inhabitants and the environment, by participating in the local economy and without having to take care of the organization.

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Your trip to Lisbon 100% tailor-made

Let us guide you and create together your itinerary of discovery of Lisbon while respecting your budget and your desires, in the framework of a healthy and sustainable tourism. All the organisation is taken care of: negotiation and booking of all the essential services (transfer from the airport, accommodation, activities, catering, car rental), creation of a personalised guide and an interactive map… You don’t have to think about anything, just let yourself go!

After a short interview by email or telephone to ask you the essential questions to help you draw up your quote, you will receive a free proposal for your stay detailing all the services and prices.


Tailor-made trip to Lisbon

Once the quote has been accepted, you don’t have to worry about anything else. The organisation is taken care of by the organiser, who is the privileged intermediary between you and the chosen service providers. The icing on the cake: you have total control over your budget, as you pay directly for the services, which allows you to know how much you are paying, to whom, and when. No question is left unanswered, you will have a meticulous contact person who will always be available.

Before you fly to Lisbon, you will receive your personalised guidebook and interactive map, allowing you to carry all the information and itineraries with you for the duration of your stay.

You will be able to explore the narrow streets of the authentic neighbourhoods, take a private boat tour at sunset, find the best place to taste pasteis de nata, the local tasca, find the best place to listen to fado, find a unique shop to bring back some of Lisbon’s flavours as a souvenir… In short, you will be able to experience the local and original Lisbon.

Contact for a tailor-made trip to Lisbon

By sending the form, you agree to be contacted by this personalised travel organiser to discuss your project together. A proposal will then be sent to you free of charge and without obligation until it is accepted.
This is a travel organiser and not a travel agency. Flights are not included in the proposed price.

Tailor-made Portugal

Let us guide you through a tailor-made organisation for your trip to Portugal: a trip to Lisbon, Porto or the Azores, whether solo, with family or friends, for a holiday, a stag party, a hen party or a seminar.

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