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The best guided tours, activities, hotels and luxury villas in Portugal

Book your holidays in 3 clicks all over Portugal using the button below. I have created for you a page that gathers the best rated and most recommended English speaking tours and activities throughout Portugal as well as the luxury hotels or villas classified by the most sought after and appreciated criteria.

Book a visit to Lisbon

Below you will find all the top rated tours or activities in the city of Lisbon, organised by English speaking guides and which you can cancel 24 hours before the start if you decide to change your programme. Different ways to discover the capital, its surroundings, its landscapes, its treasures and to set the pace of your holiday.

Walking tours

Discover Lisbon’s prettiest corners and the best views by booking one of the Lisbon walking tours below. These tours are the best rated, most popular and all conducted by an English speaking guide.

Bus tours

Visit the most beautiful corners of Lisbon with an English-speaking guide or audio-guide. Stay on the bus, get on the bus and explore the city so you don’t miss anything of the Portuguese capital.

Tuk Tuk Tours

The Tuk Tuk is the most popular means of transport for tourists in Lisbon. Often electric vehicles, exchanges with English-speaking drivers who know the city like the back of their hand and an original way to spice up your holidays and discover the TOP of Lisbon.

Bike Tours

The bicycle, whether electric or not, is an essential means of transport for discovering Lisbon under the sun. Follow the English-speaking guides and explore the city in a group for moments of sharing and discovery that you won’t forget.

Segway Tours

The segway is the new means of transport that is causing a sensation in Lisbon. Lean your body forward or backward to move forward, backward and discover the most beautiful corners of the capital. The tours below are all organized by English-speaking guides.

Discover Fado

Portuguese traditional music is an institution. Whether through the Fado Museum or by going directly to the shows organized in Lisbon, it is a capital discovery if you are interested in Portuguese traditions and culture. These visits are best rated and organized by an English-speaking guide.

Discover gastronomy

Portugal offers a rich gastronomy based on traditional pastries, grilled fish and other specialties that you can discover on foot, by tuk tuk or segway, by booking one of these gastronomic tours of Lisbon.

Discover street art

You may not know it, but Lisbon is a mecca for urban art, also known as Street Art, and those who want to discover the city in a different way can book one of these guided tours in English, organised by enthusiasts who will tell you all about the capital’s Street Art culture.

Cruises around Lisbon

Lisbon is a port city that you can visit from the water thanks to group and private cruises, day or night. An activity that I strongly recommend: watching the sunset while having a drink on a sailboat will leave you with a memorable souvenir of your holidays!

Water activities

Travel around Lisbon by kayak, paddle or take surfing lessons on the beaches closest to the Portuguese capital. Activities in English that have been greatly appreciated by those who have gone before you.
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