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Visit Evora in Portugal

Visit Evora PortugalEvora is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal . Walking along its centre, you can undoubtedly feel its history, which was formed under the influence of the Moors and Romans. Numerous architectural monuments, as well as fine wines from one of the best regions of Portugal (Alentejo), cheeses and local sweets, attract tourists from all over the world to Evora every year.Evora has been the spiritual centre of the country for centuries. The city is located in the south of Portugal, in the province of Alentejo, among olive groves, vineyards and flowery meadows, only 130 km from Lisbon . On the program: narrow streets, old buildings, arches, squares with fountains glittering in the sun… All this makes Evora a historical and typical Portuguese museum city. The city of Evora was declared a World Cultural Monument by UNESCO in 1986.

Guided tour of Evora in Portugal

Some people will want to visit Evora on their own and will find below some information on how to get there and the places to discover in the city.For the others who prefer to be accompanied and set up a guided tour of Evora without taking any risk on the quality of the visit and making sure that it is organized by an english-speaking guide, you will find below a selection of the best visits. They are all set up by english-speaking people, have had the best marks on a large number of participants and can be cancelled 24 hours in advance in case you decide to change your plans.

How to get to Evora?

Evora can be reached by train, bus or car. The railway station is located in the southern part of the city, 20 minutes walk from the centre. The direct train from Lisbon takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and the journey includes 4 departures per day: tickets cost around 12 EUR .A trip from Setubal with a stop at Pinhal Nova will take just under an hour and a half: tickets are available from 11 EUR .Twice a day, trains leave for Evora from Lagos and Faro. It will take about 4 hours and 26€ to buy your tickets.Evora Portugal StationThe prices quoted here are from 2018, so there may have been changes. To book your tickets, go directly to the official website of trains in Portugal.To get to Evora from Lisbon, you can take the bus (Rede Expressos). Buses leave for Evora from Sete Rius bus station and the journey takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. Tickets from 12 EUR .To get to Evora by car from Lisbon, you have to take the A2 motorway, then take the A6 motorway, then the N114, which leads directly to the city of Evora in Portugal.

Weather in Evora

The Atlantic affects the climate in Portugal, including Evora. Temperatures in eastern Portugal are lower than in European countries and the weather is more unpredictable.You can see below a table of average temperatures in Evora throughout the year :
  • Top line: daytime
  • Bottom line: at night
Check the official Portuguese website to know the weather forecast in Evora when you come.température Evora Portugal

What to see in Evora during your visit?

History buffs will surely linger in Evora. The entire northern part of the Alentejo province is famous for the buildings preserved in excellent condition during the Neolithic period (4000-2000 BC). 16 km west of Evora, near the village of Guadalupe, is the Cromlech of the Almendres: a construction of 95 rocks of giant menhirs that determine the equinox.In a city with such a rich past, there are many different monuments, such as the Roman temple of Diana, dating from the 1st century. It was built in honour of Emperor Augustus. Rebuilt several times, it was destroyed by conquerors but miraculously survived for 2000 years and is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List.Roman Temple of Diana Evora

Photo Luis Mata

Even older, you can visit in Evora an 18 km long aqueduct, also built in the 1st century, for the needs of a Roman colony. This great monument from the time of the Roman Empire in the 16th century has been restored by the architect Francisco de Arrud.Piazza Giraldo is the central square of Evora, which has seen much of Portuguese history, including mass executions at the stake in the 15th century and a heated debate on land reform in the 1970s. Now the fountain in the square and local residents and tourists alike will find it a typically Portuguese meeting place.Evora Giraldo Square Portugal

Photo Paolo Querci

On the walls of one of the streets overlooking Giraldo Square, which is called “Painted Houses Street”, you can see a gallery of images of fantastic characters: sirens, trees and animals from India, commissioned by Vasco da Gama when he lived in Evora.Not far from the main square is Evora’s most famous cathedral – Igreja de San Francisco – a Gothic cathedral built around 1510 in honour of St. Francis during the reign of Manuel I. Next to the cathedral is the Chapel of the Bones, built from skulls and other human bones. The remains of 5,000 buried people, collected from the local cemeteries that were overcrowded at the time, show motifs on the walls. The white brick ceiling has frescoes on the theme of death. The inscription at the entrance reads as follows: “We, the bones, are waiting for you”. The founders of this church wanted to bring their parishioners to reflect on the fragility of earthly life.The Portuguese city of Evora offers tourists a one-hour excursion by electric car, accompanied by a certified specialist in art history. Itinerary of the visit:
  • Hotel M’ar de Ar Aqueduto
  • Garcia de Resendi Theatre
  • Ruins of a Roman temple
  • Monastery of Santa Monica
  • Holy Spirit College Building
  • Portas de Moura Fountain
  • Church and Monastery of San Francisco
  • Aqueduct
  • Giraldo Square
  • New City Wall
Attention: I did not make this visit of Evora but it is certainly only proposed in English or Portuguese. For guided tours of Evora in english, please refer to my selection at the top of this page.It is advisable to visit the university building, which was founded in the middle of the 16th century. For a long time, students and teachers from all over Europe came to Evora to study in this university. The university was closed in the 18th century and was reopened only after 200 years, in the 1970s.University of Evora PortugalWalking through the streets of Evora, you must go to the Monastery of Saint Clara (15th century), where the collection of the city’s museum is temporarily on display. The museum itself is being restored and its most valuable exhibits fit perfectly into the interior of the monastery.For a relaxing walk, head to the city garden with a small café south of the “Igreja de San Francisco”. There you will find the remains of Don Manuel’s palace.For lovers of extreme sports, bullfights take place 3 to 4 times a year in a special arena near the city garden from May to October.

Theatres, restaurants and bars in Evora

theater Garcia of Resende EvoraThe actors of the Garcia de Resende theatre present a puppet show for children called Santo Aleixo Puppets (tel: 266 703 112, Off Largo de Machede Velho Old Town).A theatre performance, art exhibition or concert can be seen at the Sociedade Harmonia Eborense (address: Evora, Praça do Giraldo, 72, tel: +351 (266) 74-68-74).Walking through the streets of Evora you can find the local cinema Eborim.In Evora you can easily find a wide variety of restaurants, bars and cafes serving traditional Portuguese cuisine. Don’t forget to try the incredible wines, as Evora is also famous for its wine tours.In the evenings, you can visit the discos and bars to listen to music and taste excellent wine.
  • Amas do Cardeal is a popular bar that attracts a large number of people. Guest DJs play cool and funky house music. Address: Evora, Rua Amas do Cardeal 4A Old Town.
  • Not far from the Garcia Theater, there are several bars, restaurants and cafes, one of which is vegetarian.
  • Oficina Bar will suit lovers of a calm and pleasant atmosphere with jazz and blues rhythms. Address: Rua da Moeda 27.
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