Visit the North of Portugal: Guides, places, information and booking

The northern part of Portugal is the oldest part of the country and yet it is less visited than the central part around Lisbon or the southern part, the Algarve. The region extends from Coimbra to Moncão, near the border with Spain, and includes the idyllic province of Minho, the beautiful Douro Valley and Porto. Between its beautiful landscapes and its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the North of Portugal has a great advantage: a greater authenticity than in other tourist regions of Portugal.

In this section of Essencial Portugal you will find all you need to know to visit the north of Portugal:

  • The most beautiful cities or regions to discover in the north of Portugal.
  • The must-do activities to have the best possible vacation.
  • The 5-star guided tours that are popular with travelers from all over the world.
  • Must-see places if you visit Porto.
  • Practical tips for your stay in Northern Portugal: hotels, transportation, discount cards, restaurants and other places you must visit.
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