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More and more families, companies and investors are contacting Essencial Portugal to be assisted in their expatriation project. These people are looking for real estate, businesses, land, industry or investment opportunities in Portugal. Many of them initially do their research by themselves but this can bring to Portugal various risks and problems that we will see below.
If you wish, you can fill in the form below to get in touch with a English-speaking property hunter based in Lisbon, who knows the market very well, operates throughout Portugal and is qualified for real estate, companies, industries, land or even the identification of investment opportunities.
This English-speaking property hunter in Portugal that I know personally is highly qualified and will offer you a personalized accompaniment from A to Z:

  • Identification of your search criteria
  • Identification of the corresponding properties
  • Contacting the owners of the properties
  • Gathering of important information from town halls or via financial audits
  • Accompanying you to property visits
  • Assistance in negotiation with respect to market prices and location
  • Global accompaniment: notary, contracts, works or administrative procedures

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Property hunter in Portugal

It is necessary to know the different offers of the Portuguese real estate market in order to understand which ones you can skip by doing your property search by yourself. Expatriates generally have two reflexes which are to search on the internet and to use a real estate agency. These two channels allow you to find real estate but will also lock you into “tunnels” that will not allow you to see the extent of the offer corresponding to what you are looking for.

Word of mouth and networking is the best way to find interesting properties in Portugal. This can be done by interacting with owners, investors, builders, individuals or by going directly to the property to talk to the neighborhood. Different things that a Portuguese property hunter will take the time to do, which will not be the case for example of a real estate agency that will only offer you its catalog, blocking you the way to discover opportunities corresponding to your search criteria.

Searching for your Portuguese property on the internet is a feasible option, but it will lead to different obstacles:

  • Many web ads that may seem interesting to you are not updated, are no longer available and are used as a “loss leader” by real estate agencies. You will therefore spend a lot of time looking for few results.
  • Some of the advertisers are private individuals who can offer more attractive prices, but there will be different problems such as language or hidden defects which can occur more frequently in Portugal (humidity, insulation, building permits, building laws, etc.). By going this way, you will have to hire experts or go to the town hall to make sure that everything is in order. You will also need a translator for contracts and transactions, which can quickly add up to significant costs.
  • If you manage to buy a property this way, you should also know that you will have to manage many operations that follow the purchase of the property by yourself, such as opening water, internet and electricity contracts, exchanging with the owner if certain things need to be finalized, or finding the right service provider to carry out the renovation work, which is not always easy to find around here.

If you want to look for your property through a real estate agency in Portugal, most of them will welcome you perfectly but you may miss many properties that may correspond to your expectations. Indeed, the agencies have their own catalog for certain properties and by going to real estate agency A, you will not be able to discover the properties offered by real estate agency B, some of which may be more interesting. It is also important to note that once the property is sold, the real estate agencies for many will not accompany you for the work or the subscription of your contracts: once the property is bought, it will be very difficult to find a person to accompany you or it will generally be expensive.

Once again, I advise you to use the services of a English-speaking property hunter in Portugal who will be able to offer you a complete accompaniment from A to Z and avoid you many worries.

Property hunter: companies and industries in Portugal


Property hunter Portugal Company

No matter where you are in Europe, buying a business or an industry is not the same as buying an apartment or a house. Again, Portugal has its own codes and laws that you should be aware of before you start. I strongly advise you not to start looking for and buying a business in Portugal by yourself. If you search on the internet, you will find companies or industries for sale in Portugal on sites such as OLX, which is in fact a classified ads site. This poses the same problems as for real estate except that the checks for the purchase of a business must be much more thorough:

  • Conformity of the premises or the land
  • Possibilities of extensions or renovation
  • Type of land or premises with respect to the law
  • Viability of the project
  • Financial status of the company or industry
  • Negotiation of commercial conditions or not
  • Situation of the employees and labor law
  • And many other points to think about

It is therefore even more recommended for the purchase of a business to go through a property hunter in Portugal. This property hunter will once again be an essential pillar of your adventure and the bridge between your needs and the assurance that the business or industry you are buying is in compliance with the law and the project you wish to develop.

The Portuguese property hunter you will contact by filling in the form above is initially specialized in companies and industries. He has now expanded his field of activity to real estate due to the high demand, but is part of a company accompanied by accountants or lawyers: a multi-skilled internal team that will be able to carry out all the studies and financial audits necessary for the purchase of your company or industry to be done without any hitch.

Property hunter: land in Portugal

The purchase of a land in Portugal is a particular case for which it is very important to be accompanied. It is indeed not uncommon to have specific rules for construction on land. You may have a building built a long time ago for which no authorization has been given and that you will not be able to modify or a land that is simply not buildable. The purchase of a land in Portugal therefore requires numerous verifications to ensure that you will be able to carry out your project in terms of construction or exploitation.

It is also important to know that there can be very long delays to obtain construction authorizations from the city hall. These delays are regulated and therefore require to be accompanied by a property hunter who knows all the rules and has the right contacts to carry out these verifications for you. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page to be put in touch with a English-speaking property hunter in Portugal who can accompany you from A to Z:

  • Identification of your search criteria and your budget
  • Search for the corresponding land in any area of the world
  • Contact with the owners
  • Analysis of the situation with the town hall
  • Accompaniment to the visits of the plots
  • Help in negotiating the purchase price
  • Global accompaniment: notary, contracts, solicitadors, installation, renovation or administrative procedures

Property hunter Portugal Land

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Fill in this form to be put in touch with an English-speaking property hunter in Portugal for the search of a property, a company, an industry, a land or an investment opportunity anywhere in Portugal. This expert speaks English, is located in Lisbon and has a team and a network that will accompany you in the totality of your project: from the research to the purchase, through contracts, installation or renovation and administrative procedures.

By validating this form, you authorize me to transmit your request to an English-speaking professional established in Portugal and qualified to accompany you in your project. Nothing is automated, these are professionals based in Lisbon, whom I know personally and who will contact you as soon as possible for a first exchange.

Essencial Portugal is a website that connects individuals/companies with trusted, certified professionals in Portugal to carry out projects in the country. Only these certified and approved professionals are able to inform you, offer and invoice these services.

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