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Helicopter Lisbon

Once you have visited the capital from the ground and if you want to treat yourself to a souvenir that will remain engraved in your memory forever, then I advise you to take a little height to visit Lisbon but this time from the air, by helicopter. This new way to visit Lisbon is not cheap but it is a unique moment to end your holiday in Portugal. Whether it is with friends, family or as a couple for a romantic surprise beyond anything your half could have imagined, flying over Lisbon by helicopter is a dream now accessible in just 3 clicks, not bad!

After discovering Lisbon’s popular attractions, it is interesting to look at them from a new angle. The city and its historical monuments such as the Tower of Belem, the Monastery of Jerónimos or the Monument of Discovery, as well as the historical centre of Lisbon will have a completely different taste from a helicopter over the Portuguese capital. Unforgettable impressions and sensations guaranteed, even for connoisseurs of the region, the inhabitants of the city or those who have already visited Lisbon several times.

Be careful, these 3 helicopter tours in Lisbon are proposed by guides who speak English but very honestly, I don’t think that this is an obstacle to the activity, its sensations and the memories it will give you. There are currently 3 available in Lisbon :

  • Helicopter flight over the historical centre of Lisbon.
  • Helicopter tour between Lisbon and Sintra
  • Helicopter ride over the Tagus and Belem


The most expensive on a helicopter tour in Lisbon being the fuel and the duration of the 3 tours available above are not the same, prices also vary. The helicopter ride between Lisbon and Sintra is necessarily longer and therefore more expensive. You have here the choice between a 25 minutes or 12 minutes flight over Lisbon and a 35 minutes flight between Lisbon and Sintra.

Helicopter tour Lisbon

You will find below the description of each of the 3 helicopter flights from Lisbon :

First helicopter flight in Lisbon

Discover Lisbon’s sights from a different perspective on a 25-minute helicopter flight over the historic city centre. Feel like a rock star as you fly over the Tower of Belém, the Jerónimos Monastery and the Castle of Saint George.

Second helicopter flight to Lisbon

Book a helicopter tour of Lisbon and discover some of the most spectacular sites from the air such as the Sintra mountain and its palaces.

Third helicopter flight to Lisbon

The experience of flying over the site from which Portuguese explorers sailed away to conquer the world in the 15th century. During this helicopter tour, you will have the opportunity to see all the monuments of the Belem district.

Visiting Lisbon differently

If you’re on this page it’s because you’re definitely looking to visit Lisbon in a different way. Whether it’s for a special guided tour or for what you can discover, I’ve made below a selection of different tours that are more accessible than a helicopter tour in Lisbon but just as enjoyable.

These tours of Lisbon that will definitely leave you with beautiful memories and things to tell, are conducted by English speaking guides who know Lisbon very well and with whom you can exchange and cancel 24 hours before they start. There is therefore no risk to book, especially since the comments and notes of the visitors before you are published in full transparency to make sure you don’t make any mistakes and that you only keep good memories of your holidays in Lisbon.

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