The Sweet Art Museum of Lisbon

If you come to Lisbon, you will undoubtedly see how much art is present in the Portuguese capital: music, museums, exhibitions, theatre and so on… This will ensure that once you’ve mastered the Portuguese language, you won’t have any time to get bored! This week opened the Sweet Art Museum in Lisbon: a maze, a hymn to amazing happiness created by Hugo Silva and Carla Santos and which could well bring the youngest ones together again in the museums!

Sweet Art Museum Lisbon


The Sweet Art Museum in Lisbon has indeed a museum only in name. Don’t expect to find rare or old objects but rather a new experience that will appeal to all your senses: sight, smell, taste and touch. What can you find in this museum? Unicorns, hanging clouds, giant erasers, the insistent smell of candy and above all ROSE! The museum in Marvilla has indeed played the card of imagination to the fullest by also proposing to paint its facade in pink, which will leave no one indifferent.


Pink facade of the sweet art museum


This museum was designed for a trip to happiness with friends or family. The museum’s exhibition has been approached in a different way and above all thought to allow you to take pictures that will make your followers get excited. Instagram is indeed the favorite social network of the creators, who wanted to offer a colorful scene to other addict social networks: an enchanted and imaginary scene to take the best pictures you will soon see everywhere on the web!


Sweet art museum Ice cream land


Sweet Art Museum Pool


Hugo Da Silva, the producer of the event, had planned the opening of the Sweet Art Rua do Açúcar Museum before changing his mind and opting for Marvilla, more suited to the perpendicular shape of the building and the generous forms it needed. Hugo Da Silva is the creator of the United Creative agency, which began working on the project’s key pieces in January.


Hugo Silva et Carla Santos

The inspirations of the World Museum come from all over the world but mainly from the USA with among others :

  • From some of the attractions on the west coast of the United States
  • From Candytopia to Santa Monica
  • From the Ice Cream Museum in San Francisco

This is reassuring if you come to live in Lisbon, the city will certainly welcome more and more unusual projects that will once again place Portugal at the heart of the European scene!

You can find the Sweet Art Museum of Lisbon at this address

Crédit photo Observador & Sapo

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