“cartão de cidadão” for expats in Portugal

As you can probably imagine, when you come to live in Lisbon you will have to deal with a lot of paperwork. The problem in Portugal is that the different administrations do not communicate with each other and you have to go to many different places to get the administrative papers and to register. This will probably soon be a thing of the past as expatriates in Portugal will also be entitled (like Portuguese people) to a cartão de cidadão (a citizen card) which will include tax identification, social security and the national health system).

Citizen card for expats in Portugal

Meeting all the requirements for residency in Portugal is not an easy process. That is why the government will create this new citizen card for foreigners living in Portugal.

Administrative problems for expatriates in Portugal

“Nowadays, when you apply for and obtain your residence permit, you must apply to the branches of Finance, Social Security and the National Health Service”. According to the Secretary of State with this new card, the delivery to the foreign citizen of all these numbers will take place at the same time and place as the issuance of the authorization in question, thus considerably reducing the time and effort involved.

“At present, the process is relatively complicated and involves several trips,” explains Graça Fonseca. The new “citizen card” for foreigners will be handed over to the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), but its bureaucratic operation will not be the sole responsibility of this entity. It will also be a process of “intercommunication between the different” services from the Finanças to the Social Security. In other words, these services will soon be able to communicate with each other and that is a small revolution in Portugal!

Graça Fonseca Portugal

Graça Fonseca: Deputy Secretary of State and Administrative Modernisation

Last month, more than a hundred immigrants demonstrated in front of the Assembly of the Republic against the lack of documents and the delay in issuing residence permits, even in the case of citizens who already work and do business in Portugal.

Some critics claim that the new card could add a degree of complexity and delay the process of settling in Portugal. The Secretary of State rejects this conclusion and announces that the measure, which will be presented on Wednesday, “will have no impact on the residence permit process”. Graça Fonseca also points out that other measures are being prepared to respond to the slowness shown by foreigners who come to settle in Portugal.

Simplex is a programme of administrative simplification and modernisation of public services, which was launched in 2006. Over the last decade and according to the Portuguese government, these measures have reduced waiting times, obligations, declarations (Read more about tax declaration in Portugal), attachments or forms which in their totality make the administrative procedures in Lisbon or elsewhere in the country more cumbersome.

simplex portugal administrative procedures

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