Expatriate Ranking 2017

Expatriate Ranking 2017

Every year, Expat Insider proposes a ranking of the best countries to expatriate to, according to different criteria such as quality of life, the best places to expatriate to, family life, professional opportunities, cost of living and the safety of the host country. This year and for many of these criteria, Portugal is in a good position.

Expat Insider 2017

The 2017 ranking highlights Portugal for many of the criteria that you will find below:

  • 5th preferred country for expatriation
  • 1st country for its quality of life
  • 4th country where the cost of living is advantageous
  • 2nd safest country for expatriates
  • 2nd country where expatriates feel at home

Rankings that make you dream and show that moving to Portugal for French speakers as for others is a good choice. We can note that all these criteria bring Portugal to the 3rd place of the big winners of the ranking, behind Malaysia, Norway and in front of Denmark. Portugal was the 28th country chosen for expatriation in the Expat Insiders 2016 ranking, it is this year at the 5th place.

expat inside 2017 ranking


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