Tandem paragliding activity in Sintra

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Paragliding is an increasingly popular leisure activity in many countries, including Portugal. If you are looking for a unique and exciting experience, we recommend tandem paragliding in Sintra.

Sintra is a historical town located in the district of Lisbon, about 25 kilometres from the Portuguese capital. Sintra is famous for its many palaces and castles, as well as for its beautiful landscapes and panoramic views.

For travellers looking for a unique and unforgettable experience in this beautiful region, tandem paragliding is an activity that is sure to impress. This activity combines relaxation and adrenaline, while offering breathtaking views of the landscape of Sintra and its surroundings.

Tandem paragliding Sintra

Tandem paragliding activity in Sintra

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Tandem paragliding is an activity that allows you to fly with a qualified and experienced instructor. You will be strapped into a special harness and soar through the air from a mountain. You don’t need any previous knowledge or special skills to go tandem paragliding in Sintra, as you will be accompanied by a professional who will take care of everything.

The tandem flight takes about 20-30 minutes, but you can book longer flights if you wish. During your flight you will be able to admire the beautiful scenery of Sintra and its surroundings, including the Atlantic coast.
Paragliding is a year-round activity in Sintra, but the weather conditions are often more favourable in summer. If you are interested in this activity, we recommend that you book your flight in advance to avoid disappointment.
The tandem paragliding flight usually includes a pick-up and drop-off at the hotel if required. You can also enjoy a guided tour of Sintra before or after your flight, as well as a guided lunch to round off the experience. The flight ends at the same place as the departure.

Practical tips for tandem paragliding in Sintra

  • Dress warmly, even in summer, as it can be cool at altitude
  • Wear comfortable, closed shoes.
  • Don’t forget your camera to capture your tandem flight in Sintra.
  • Tandem paragliding in Sintra is an exciting activity that will allow you to discover the beauty of this region of Portugal in a unique way.
  • Book your flight now and enjoy an unforgettable experience!
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