Lisbon: 2-hour wine and tapas tasting session

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Lisbon, Portugal’s sunny capital, is renowned for its historic charm, cobbled streets, colourful buildings and friendly atmosphere! If you’re a wine and food lover, don’t miss the opportunity to take part in a two-hour wine and tapas tasting session in this picturesque city. Discover the exceptional flavours of Portuguese wines while enjoying delicious local specialities.

Let yourself be guided by passionate experts, explore Portuguese wines, enjoy exquisite tapas, and create unique memories during your stay in Lisbon.

Lisbon wine tasting

A culinary tour immersed in Portuguese culture

If you’re looking for the best way to discover Portuguese culture in the heart of the capital, here’s the one I’ve selected for you. You’ll enjoy a 2-hour wine and tapas tasting session in Lisbon. You’ll discover the history and secrets of Portuguese wines while enjoying delicious tapas, all in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

  • Discover Portuguese wines under the guidance of a local wine expert
  • Tasting of 5 top-quality Portuguese wines
  • Tasting of Portuguese craft products

Discover Portuguese wines under the guidance of a local wine expert

During this 2-hour wine tasting activity, you will be guided by a passionate and knowledgeable wine expert who will reveal the secrets of the art of wine tasting. You will have the opportunity to discover 5 carefully selected Portuguese wines, representing a variety of grape varieties and terroirs.

Each tasting is unique, as it is adapted to suit the group, the weather and the mood of the day. Our wine expert will take these factors into account to offer you a selection of wines that will surprise and delight you.

During this session, you will be invited to observe the colour of the wine, to smell the subtle aromas that emanate from it, and finally to savour each sip to fully appreciate its complexity. Your expert Lisbon wine guide will explain the characteristics of each wine, describing the grape varieties used, winemaking methods and recommended food and wine pairings.

best Lisbon wines

Tapas tasting in Lisbon: an explosion of flavours

During this guided tour of Lisbon, each wine you taste will be deliciously accompanied by artisanal cheeses, gourmet sausages, chorizo and the famous Portuguese pata negra ham matured for at least 36 months. Each bite will be carefully selected to complement and magnify the characteristics of each wine.

The locally produced artisan cheeses will offer a range of flavours from mild to full-bodied, creating a perfect harmony with the selected wines. Gourmet sausages and chorizo, meanwhile, will add smoky, spicy notes to enhance the taste experience.

But the highlight of this tasting is undoubtedly the pata negra Portuguese ham, an exceptional delicacy. Aged for at least 36 months, this ham has a melt-in-the-mouth texture and a rich, flavoursome taste. Each slice reveals complex aromas that blend perfectly with the wines tasted, creating a memorable experience for your taste buds.

tapas tasting Lisbon

Important information

This is not a guided tour of Lisbon with several stops, but rather a tasting that takes place in a single location, namely the Lisbon winery. This will allow you to concentrate fully on discovering the wines and tapas, without having to worry about travelling between different locations. Whether you’re a passionate wine lover or simply curious to learn more, this activity will allow you to develop your knowledge and your palate, while soaking up the richness of Portuguese wine culture.

So get ready and book your place for a 2-hour tasting session now, and let yourself be seduced by Portuguese wines and authentic flavours that will make your stay in Lisbon even more memorable.

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