Skydiving in Portimão: tandem at 3000 or 4500 m

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Are you on holiday in the south of Portugal and want to try tandem skydiving? Then Essencial Portugal suggests you book this tandem skydiving activity in Portimão. A thrilling experience that allows you to soar through the skies and feel the pure adrenaline. Whether you are an adrenaline lover looking for an unforgettable experience or simply curious to discover new thrills, tandem skydiving in Portimão is an activity not to be missed.

The town of Portimão, located in the beautiful Algarve region of Portugal, is an ideal place for skydiving enthusiasts. With its sunny climate, stunning scenery and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, Portimão offers a spectacular setting for your tandem adventure.

Skydiving Portimao

Tandem skydiving at 3000 or 4500 metres

  • Experience the excitement and adrenaline of freefall
  • Enjoy spectacular views of the Portuguese coastline in the Algarve region of Portimão
  • Jump safely with a tandem instructor

Breathtaking views of Portimão

Portimão, is a charming town located on the beautiful Algarve coast in Portugal. Portimão is famous for its breathtaking beaches that stretch for miles along the coast. Among the most popular beaches are Praia da Rocha, with its impressive golden sandstone cliffs, and Praia dos Três Castelos. Portimão is full of history and culture.

The combination of the adrenaline of skydiving, the breathtaking views and the sensation of flying through the air creates a cocktail of emotions and sensations that will stay with you forever.

tandem skydiving algarve portimao

Skydiving in Portimão: how does it work?

In this thrilling experience, you will have the opportunity to freefall from 3 to 4.5 km in altitude, accompanied by experienced and passionate instructors. Whether you are a skydiving novice or a seasoned adrenaline junkie, this tandem jump is designed to provide you with an unforgettable adventure.

The Tandem Skydiving in Portimão is ideal for participants of all levels. You don’t need to have jumped before, as you will be securely attached to a professional instructor who will take care of all the technical details. This way you can concentrate on the fun of this incredible experience.

The tandem jump is done with a large parachute specially designed for this activity. You will be equipped with a harness that connects you to your instructor, guaranteeing optimal safety throughout the freefall and parachute descent.

The adventure begins with a flight in a specially equipped skydiving aircraft. During the flight, you will be able to admire the spectacular views of the Algarve coastline, adding another dimension to its discovery.

Once you have reached the desired altitude, it’s time for the long awaited moment of freefall. You and the instructor will prepare for the big jump into the void. The adrenaline will be pumping as you approach the edge of the aircraft, ready to experience a magical moment. The freefall will last approximately 70 seconds, offering a feeling of total freedom and pure excitement.

After the freefall, your instructor will open the parachute, marking the beginning of the smooth descent to the ground. You can then relax and enjoy the tranquillity of skydiving, taking in the breathtaking views as far as the eye can see.

To capture this memorable moment, you’ll have the option of getting video and photos of your Algarve skydive. Your instructor will be able to capture the highlights of the experience, allowing you to relive this unique adventure and share it with your loved ones.

skydiving in the algarve

Useful information for this unique experience

This tandem skydiving experience in Portimão includes everything you need for a successful experience. You will be equipped with a jump suit and goggles to ensure your comfort and safety during the whole activity. In addition, you will receive a skydiving certificate as a souvenir of this unique adventure.

Please note that some restrictions apply to this activity. People weighing more than 100 kg cannot participate due to weight restrictions imposed by the skydiving equipment. In addition, you must be at least 16 years old to skydive in the Algarve.

The meeting point for your tandem skydive is the local tour operator’s desk at Aerodromo Municipal de Portimão, located at 8500-059 Portimão. Make sure you arrive on time for your appointment and follow the instructions provided by the staff there.

This tandem skydiving experience in Portimão is a must for adrenaline and thrill seekers. Plunge into the void from 3,000 to 4,500 metres above sea level, experience an unforgettable freefall and enjoy the incredible views of the Algarve coast.

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