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Best restaurants in Lisbon

Lisbon is an ancient capital where the rich Portuguese cuisine with its traditions and culinary recipes persists. Portuguese gastronomy is famous for its abundance of fish and seafood dishes. What better than the city’s restaurants to discover the gastronomic culture of the Portuguese capital?

I present below the TOP 10 of the best restaurants in Lisbon. It’s only personal, there are many other rankings available all over the internet and it depends on what you are looking for specifically: location, atmosphere, type of cuisine, etc… Each restaurant on this list stands out for me from hundreds of others present in the capital and will be an excellent choice if you come to visit Lisbon.

Restaurant Eleven in Lisbon

Restaurant Eleven in Lisbon

The restaurant is located in the business center of Lisbon, surrounded by the lush vegetation of the Eduardo VII Park. Huge panoramic windows offer a beautiful view of the city and the Tagus. It is particularly pleasant to dine at a table near the windows when Lisbon is flooded with lights in the evening. Beautiful curtains, white tablecloths, soft light, music: everything here is made to make you have a great time.

The menu is no less attractive. The Michelin-starred chef Joachim Koerper appreciates traditional Portuguese cuisine and prepares very original dishes:

  • Assortments of fish caught in the Atlantic Ocean in different parts of Portugal: Continental, Azores and Madeira (cost – 46 €).
  • The restaurant offers a tasting menu (€115), Atlantic (€94) and lobster (€175) in which all dishes are of course based on lobster.
  • Original dishes such as “the stone soup”, inspired by an old Portuguese legend: soup, bacon or chorizo, potatoes and beans.

Restaurant Eleven: practical information

avis restaurant eleven lisbonne





  • Menu : click HERE
  • Adress : Jardim Amália Rodrigues, Rua Marquês Fronteira, Parque Eduardo VII, 1070-051 Lisboa


Restaurant BaixaMar Lisboa — Mariscos e Petiscos in Lisbon


restaurant Lisbon: Baixamar

This relatively new Lisbon fish restaurant opened its doors in the summer of 2018. It has already become popular with tourists and residents alike. Visitors are welcomed by the host himself and friendly waiters are happy to help you make your choice.

The menu is dominated by seafood and fish dishes. Some of the dishes that you can enjoy:

  • Octopus with mashed potatoes, salad and olives (17,5 €)
  • Oysters (3 € per piece)
  • Cod from the chef (18,5 €)

Wines included, it will still be necessary to count between 80-100 € for two people.

Restaurant BaixaMar Lisboa: practical information

avis restaurant baixamar lisbonne

  • Menu : cliqk HERE
  • Adres : Rua dos Bacalhoeiros 28 B, 1100-071 Lisboa

Restaurant Alma in Lisbon

Restaurant Alma in Lisbon

It is one of the most famous Michelin restaurants in Lisbon, which in November 2018 received a second star thanks to its equally famous chef Henrique Sá Pessoa.

The restaurant is located in an old 18th century building but opened in 2009. The interior is dominated by walnut wood, decorated with paintings by contemporary artists, several mirrors and shelves with a collection of fine wines. The restaurant has two rooms, each separated from the kitchen by a glass wall, so that you can watch the virtuoso chefs in action.

Special attention is paid to the restaurant’s cuisine, which is based on classic Portuguese dishes that have been brought up to date. The wine list is ideally chosen. The chef’s tasting menu consists of 5 courses and costs 110 €.

The first Michelin star in Lisbon was awarded in 2013 to the Belcanto restaurant with chef José Avilles. In 2015, he was awarded 2 stars and has kept them until today. There are 5 Michelin restaurants in the capital of Portugal in 2019.

Restaurant Alma: practical informations

avis restaurant Alma lisbonne

  • Menu : click HERE
  • Adress : R. Anchieta 15, 1200-224 Lisboa

Topo Restaurant in Lisbon

restaurant lisbon: Topo

This restaurant and bar is located on the roof of the Centro Ethnic Shopping Centre in Martim Moniz Square in Lisbon. It is a comfortable restaurant with beautiful views over the city. The terrace overlooks the picturesque districts of Castelo de São Jorge, the narrow and steep streets of Mouraria, the church of Graça and the old castle of Alfama.

The cuisine is international, probably because the region welcomes many visitors from different countries. There are also traditional Portuguese dishes such as Bacalhau À Brás, the Portuguese favourite codfish with fried potatoes and olives (15 €). For dessert you can choose a lemon cake (4 €) and after dinner it is nice to enjoy the beautiful view while sipping a cocktail or a good typical Portuguese wine.

Restaurant Topo: practical informations

avis restaurant Topo lisbonne

  • What you will eat: click HERE
  • Adress : Centro Comercial Martim Moniz 6 Esq, Praça Martim Moniz, 1100-341 Lisboa

Restaurant Mar Ao Carmo in Lisbon

Restaurant Mar Ao Carmo in Lisbon

The Mar Ao Carmo restaurant is a seafood restaurant located in the historical centre of Lisbon, with a spacious terrace overlooking the ruins of the “Convento do Carmo” monastery and a small patio and aquarium at the entrance.

Here you can watch lobsters and crabs, which will follow you into the kitchen. There is also a counter with different kinds of fish, oysters and shrimps.

On the menu you will find traditional seafood dishes such as cheap oysters (2 € each) and a mixture of grilled seafood (110 € for two people).

Restaurant Mar ao carmo: practical informations

avis restaurant Mar Ao carmo lisbonne

Restaurant Tavares (Rico) in Lisbon

Restaurant Tavares (Rico) in Lisbon

The Tavares is a restaurant of reference, one of the oldest in Lisbon, Portugal but also in Europe. Its doors were first opened in 1784 when it was called Talão by the brothers Antonio and Manuel Tavaresa. Later they were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy and in 1861 the restaurant obtained a new owner, who renamed it Tavares.

All the nobility of Lisbon began to gather here. To this day, the restaurant has retained its luxurious rococo style. The walls are decorated with huge Venetian and gold mirrors. This restaurant has been visited by Jean Paul Gaultier, Madonna, Sidoniou Pais, Cary Grant and other celebrities. In the main hall, you can reserve a table that used to host celebrities. Each table has a sign with the name of the guest of honour.

There are two kinds of tastings in Lisbon’s Tavares restaurant: 4 courses (€70) and 6 (€85). These are mainly reworked national dishes. You can also order à la carte dishes of course. This restaurant serves very good wines but you will have to add 40 or 60 € to the bill (90 € for premium wines).

Restaurant Tavares: practical information

avis restaurant Tavares lisbonne

  • Menu: click HERE / Menu (New Year’s) : click HERE
  • Adress : R. da Misericórdia 37 R/C, 1200-270 Lisboa

Restaurant Chafariz do Vinho in Lisbon

best Restaurant lisbon Chafariz do Vinho in Lisbon

This is Lisbon’s famous wine restaurant. The cellar contains more than 300 brands of Portuguese wine from all over the country, from Alentejo red to Douro white.

It is believed that the best Chardonnay and Sauvignon wines from Portugal are stored here and of course you will find a collection of rare wines. The wine cellar is located inside the city’s aqueduct and you can sit down at the bar and visit Lisbon.

Not only will you be able to drink wine here but also eat on the go at very affordable prices:

  • The smoked cod carpaccio costs 6 €.
  • Marinated mussels and squid in wine sauce 7 €
  • The average price of a glass of wine is 10 €.

Restaurant Chafariz do vinho : practical informations

avis restaurant Chafariz do Vinho lisbonne

  • Wines list : click HERE
  • Adress : Rua da Mãe d’Água à Praça da Alegria, 1250-000 Lisboa

Restaurant A Travessa in Lisbon

Best restaurants Lisbon A Travessa

This restaurant is located close to the Belgian and French embassies in Lisbon. The modest appearance of the door does not immediately convey the atmosphere of the restaurant, but a little patience! This ground floor of a building that once housed a convent is one of the best restaurants in Lisbon.

At the entrance you can feel a special aura, as this restaurant has partially preserved its old interior and you will even find a medieval fireplace in the lobby. It is very pleasant to dine in this restaurant in winter under the measured crackling of the logs.

The restaurant is run by the Belgian Vivian Durieu and the Portuguese Antonio Moita, so the cuisine can be described as Portuguese with a Belgian influence. There is plenty of fish and seafood. The wine list is mainly composed of the best Portuguese wines. Count on average 150€ to eat in this restaurant in the Portuguese capital.

Restaurant A Travessa: practical informations

avis restaurant A Travessa lisbonne

  • Menu : click HERE
  • Adress : Madragoa, Tv. do Convento das Bernardas 12, 1200-638 Lisboa

Restaurant Adega das Gravatas in Lisbon

Restaurant Lisbon: Adega Das Gravatas

Very unusual restaurant that is not in the tourist area of Lisbon but near the Pontina metro station. At the entrance, on the walls of the hall and even under the ceiling, a large number of ties of different colors. The fact is that Manuel Araujo, who in 1940 transformed the institution this tavern into a restaurant, wrote on the wall a sentence close to : “Come into this house, take off your tie and leave it”. Our wine will make your life easier.”

Since then, more than 3,000 ties have gathered here, and the number continues to grow. The locals like to go to restaurants and there are few tourists, so many regulars know each other: if you are looking for authenticity, this is the place to eat in Lisbon.

The restaurant is always crowded and noisy, like the Parisian brasseries and the cuisine is typically Portuguese, especially the roast octopus which is delicious. The prices are very correct and the portions are quite large (Portuguese characteristic). You can eat properly for 25 to 30 €.

Restaurant Adega das Gravatas: practical informations

avis restaurant Adessa das Gravatas lisbonne

  • Menu : click HERE
  • Adress : Tv. Pregoeiro 15, 1600-588 Lisboa

Restaurant Versículo d’o Faia in Lisbon

Versiculo D'o Faia best restaurant lisbon

Small but very comfortable restaurant in the centre of Lisbon with typical Portuguese cuisine. There are only 16 seats in the room, so it is best to book a table in advance. About the same number of people can be seated outside. The atmosphere is very warm and the service perfect, which will certainly make you want to come back again and again.

Here you can get acquainted with traditional Portuguese dishes at reasonable prices :

  • The famous national soup Caldo verde costs 4 €.
  • Codfish in cream sauce 12 € €
  • For sweetness, you can choose the Papo d’Anjo, a Portuguese dessert made with eggs and lemon sorbet 6 €
  • The tasting menu, consisting of five courses, snacks and wine, costs 70 €.

Restaurant Versiculo d’o Faia: practical informations

avis restaurant Versiculo d'O Faia lisbonne

  • Menu : click HERE
  • Adress : R. da Barroca 60A, 1200-050 Lisboa


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